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  1. Genie

    How many of you help out With the vet

    If I have called the vet then it obviously was because I couldn't do it myself, or know what the problem was. Like others have said, we also are "gophers" for the vet. I have had the vet ask me "what did they have to say on the forum" since in the "world of miniatures" there is a "wealth of...
  2. Genie

    Fun Shows

    I agree, there are many youths that are excellent drivers and better than the adults who are "green" drivers.
  3. Genie

    Safe Barn heater?????

    I agree with Dr.Taylor. I hate the frozen pails and the freezing hands up here in the frozen north but our horses always winter well.
  4. Genie

    Fun Shows

    If you were having a small Fair miniature horse show (15 classes) is there a good way to fit one driving class into the show. Personally, I would have some concerns with youth and adults in the same class, for safety reasons. Has anyone seen it done, and what were the ground rules?
  5. Genie

    AMHR sanctioned show

    Thank you for your response Is it just me or is the Lil Beginnings forum being very "under used"?? There never seems to be much happening anymore.
  6. Genie

    AMHR sanctioned show

    I have watched the Nationals and it doesn't seem like the ladies showing in halter classes are wearing hats. The men seem to be wearing cowboy hats in a lot of cases. What are the judges looking for with regard to this?
  7. Genie

    Do you breed on foal heat?

    We pasture breed here. I have never had any mare interested in allowing the stud near her for that first heat. Nature takes it's course on Nixons Hill.
  8. Genie

    Clippers Whats Best?

    I love the Andis 5 speed and I think they are used by the Clipper Girl.
  9. Genie


    Andis 5 speed were recommended to me. I haven't tried them yet so I am waiting impatiently for some extended warm weather, here in the frozen north. I had Double K's and sold them. I use the heavy duty Clipmaster in the spring for the heavy growth and will use the finer Andis for the...
  10. Genie

    New baby- Appy Alert!

    Love the appies Congrats
  11. Genie

    Please share your barns with me! I am building a new one this spring and would love some ideas!

    Things I like about our barn; bright good ventilation lots of storage above for hay and straw hot water - really important stall comfort mats
  12. Genie

    What's your favorite bloodline for throwing that arabian head?

    We saw a field full of Arabian look babies at Joe and Laura Tennills' place last spring. Just gorgeous
  13. Genie

    Introducing our first foal of the season! *UPDATE*

    Praying for good results.
  14. Genie

    Introducing our first foal of the season! *UPDATE*

    Beautiful. Congratulations
  15. Genie

    Sad day in the Shetland and Miniature world

    Our deepest sympathy to the family at this sad time
  16. Genie

    I Love My Barn

    We are living on the farm where I was born and raised 72 years ago. In 1988 when both my parents passed away the farm had to be sold as the will instructed, so we "bought the farm". We hadn't planned to end our years working harder than we ever did in the business world, but here we are. I...
  17. Genie

    First foal of 2013 for CMC

    How lovely....lucky you
  18. Genie

    AMHA Sanctioned shows

    What if we could plan three AMHA shows in Ontario???
  19. Genie

    AMHA Sanctioned shows

    Thank you everyone. I will make contact.
  20. Genie

    AMHA Sanctioned shows

    I would like to communicate with any of the forum members who are focused on "A" size horses and can provide information or feedback on having shows and events strictly devoted to the small horses. I am aware of the Smallest Horse Group in the U.S. and I will talk to that group as well.