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  1. OhHorsePee

    Bad Batch of Purina Strategy Feed...

    I had some issues with Strategy feed out of the blue. It smelled like it was turning bad but would have a pretty fresh date. Sometimes we could open a bag and the feed would smell like rotten eggs. It was terrible! I am now feeding Purina's Miniature Horse and Pony Feed instead and so far (knock...
  2. OhHorsePee

    EPM- Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

    My mare has EPM. For ease I will paste what I posted on another site below. Even though the new test is better there are no tests that are 100% accurate. The below statement was taken from Blood Horse "The newest test, the SAG-1 ELISA, has shown mixed results, depending on the study and...
  3. OhHorsePee

    Results From Steward Being Sued

    Hi Diane, If the papers weren't pulled and, as you state, the horse can be shown it seems like there has to be more to the story for someone to sue. What's your husband's name?
  4. OhHorsePee

    Results From Steward Being Sued

    I still do not know your name! LMAO And yes, you said she slammed you but I haven't seen it. So what is your name??? LMAO
  5. OhHorsePee

    My Colt is a Clown

    LOL I LOVE this! How cute!!!
  6. OhHorsePee

    Results From Steward Being Sued

    Sorry, you have me at a disadvantage since I do not know your name. I haven't read any posts on this forum about this issue other than this post so maybe you can show me where it is? I don't know... It is here-say to people like me whom have not heard things ourselves from all parties involved...
  7. OhHorsePee

    Results From Steward Being Sued

    Ok, so if it was a tight 38 then it did not measure out? I suspect there is more to this story. How can you go forward when you post this on a public forum? I heard that both her case and your countersuit was dismissed making it a draw. The transcripts will be public when they come out so anyone...
  8. OhHorsePee

    Results From Steward Being Sued

    I can't wait to read the transcripts! Didn't the association find that the horse was NOT over 38"?
  9. OhHorsePee


    OMG! How sad is that!??! Could you imagine being that mare? She was in no distress when he went in there and seemed to be progressing well. Why on earth would anyone interfere in a normal delivery and risk the mare and foal by forcing the labor? And as for the shavings... What a way to get a bad...
  10. OhHorsePee

    Anyone ever do credit checks

    I echo the others on keeping the horse or pony until it is paid off. I didn't use to feel this way. We have had a bad year with selling. Everyone needs to really be careful when you are selling. This year we were even handed three post dated checks. Each check came back as NSF status. It was...
  11. OhHorsePee

    AMHR Convention News (Unofficial)

    I was there also and Bruce asked if we were voting on it in it's entirety or separate. The answer was voting on it's entirety. I did not hear anything about voting on them separately. Only in it's entirety. I did not hear anything about any directors interfering. Not one bit! It was a membership...
  12. OhHorsePee

    AMHR/ASPC Financials for those who have questioned

    Nevermind Ray. I get it now! Belinda, I spoke with Joe and he has referred me to my directors for the financial info. I will be asking them for the answers. Thank you!
  13. OhHorsePee

    AMHR/ASPC Financials for those who have questioned

    I would still like to see why we have $20,000 of an increase in lawyers fees and would like to see the Congress breakdown. Not sure why we never get a total breakdown on the big shows. Lots of people were wondering how there was a $33,000 loss on Congress. I really think people would understand...
  14. OhHorsePee

    AMHR Convention News (Unofficial)

    How did everyone get to meet John but me? Everyone kept saying "John's here!" I would be like where? And he would be gone. I began thinking they were all delusional. I wanted to meet you. Maybe next time! I for one didn't feel tensed. You could see the tension of others. Some paced frantically...
  15. OhHorsePee

    AMHR Convention News (Unofficial)

    Sandee, I own both minis and ponies. I can't speak for all that own ponies but I do not hear discord for minis when I am with "pony people." I wish everyone would just acknowledge that they are both small equine and look at them from that angle. A lot of us "pony people" have and love both. It's...
  16. OhHorsePee

    AMHR Stud Book

    IMHO nothing that cost money should be passed when the economy is as bad as it is. As always we need to think of the whole registry members not just a few. If a hardship is placed on farms then the horses/ponies are the ones going to suffer. As for DNA being passed.... You know there are those...
  17. OhHorsePee

    My Newest Small Horse

    Congrats on your boy! Can't wait to see him clipped in the Spring!
  18. OhHorsePee

    Surprised at how smart...not crazy

    I am very excited for you that you have a great pony! You are going to have so much fun. To me they are like all equine. The more you work with them the better they get and the more comfortable you get with them. I do believe breeding plays a role into the mentality of offspring. But I also...
  19. OhHorsePee

    Need good wishes for my very sick mini. Update -Finally got an answer. Salmonella.

    Sending prayers and best wishes your way! Hoping things are looking better today.
  20. OhHorsePee


    She is awesome! I love the name Perfect ten! Too cute!