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  1. Beccy

    New additions in Northern Ontario!

    All gorgeous Deb, congrats again!
  2. Beccy

    What a great weekend...

    Oh you can be sure I WILL visit you one day soon Karen, it won't take too much prodding Visiting Robin was fabulous (and yes Deb, longer next time for sure, it won't be foaling season hopefully!) we needed you there Karen, and Kim, and if Susan could have come too, it would have been...
  3. Beccy

    Woo hoo!

    Congrats, handsome boy, and homozygous too!!!
  4. Beccy

    Needle sizes

    Personally I think 16 IS huge. I use 20 g.
  5. Beccy

    My New Boy

    Congrats, very handsome boy! I love the dilutes and double dilutes too!
  6. Beccy

    our black pinto filly has a name now She is a keeper

    Congrats, what a very pretty girl! Beautiful long legs on her!
  7. Beccy

    What a great weekend...

    Hey sounds good to me! Deb whatcha doin in September??? (Have to talk Robin out of one of those gorgeous colts first, LOL)
  8. Beccy

    Update on Dreamer and my Beloved Bumble Bee....

    I am sure it is a relief to get the results Theresa. Glad it was not strangles, and I hope Dreamer gets over the infection quickly.
  9. Beccy

    WOW OH WOWooooo!!!

    Well I do have to say that I am upset with Muffy for waiting until just after we left to have that beautiful boy, but on the bright you have two Nort colts, so you have one to sell to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LOL Congrats Robin and Karrel, he is gorgeous
  10. Beccy

    Just wondering what is your least favorite colour?

    On a nicely conformed horse, I love all colours. I especially love the dilutes, pintos and apps, the wilder the colour the better, and a nice shiny black always gets me. My least favourite would be black bays (although I think a nice shiny one is always pretty) and greys.
  11. Beccy

    And The Boys Just Keep On Coming

    Wow when they come looking like that, colts are just fine! He's lovely, congrats!
  12. Beccy

    What a great weekend...

    Hey it just means we will have to come back again!!!
  13. Beccy

    It is sure shaping up to be a wonderful foaling season!

    Congrats guys, she is a beauty. Having seen them the other day I can say both of your fillies are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the others as they arrive!
  14. Beccy

    wooly coat

    I find some do just shed out better than others. Some shed evenly and quickly, but I have a couple that every year look like moth eaten rugs for awhile. I wait till it seems really loose, then I use my dog rake, works way better than a shedding blade!
  15. Beccy

    Update on Dreamer...

    Theresa I am so glad to hear that Dreamer is doing well, she looks great!!
  16. Beccy

    What a great weekend...

    Hi Magic, I don't have any pics since they got here, we got home last night and I have to go to work this afternoon, but here is one of the mare from REO: This girl is 19, but she looks and moves like a five year old girl!!! First Knights Lady Snipette The filly from Horsehug: HHH A Touch...
  17. Beccy

    What a great weekend...

    I have just had the best weekend! Debbie Scriven / Doobie and I, drove to Oklahoma to pick up some horses, and we were able to meet three forum members. We met Susan Oberg / Horsehug, in Omaha to pick up a filly I bought from her, and had breakfast with her. The visit was way too short, but what...
  18. Beccy

    Double dilute question

    Ok thanks, that makes sense Thanks Jill. We have a two year old perlino filly from our Buckeroo grandson (bucksin) and one of our buckskin mares. I was looking at her yesterday and was wondering if it is possible for a double dilute to produce a double dilute, or just singles.
  19. Beccy

    Double dilute question

    I am just curious about something... I know a double dilute will produce dilutes, but my question is, since they carry two copies of the cream gene, can they pass on both copies and produce double dilute in some of their offspring, without the influence of a second dilute parent, or will the...
  20. Beccy

    Moonshadow Minis has a very busy weekend

    Congrats again Deb, she is lovely