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  1. Southern_Heart

    Flies and June bugs

    We've got flies and june bugs and a few lil grass hoppers here and there. OMG I hate the big hoppers, they are so huge and they seem to know I hate them, as thy seem to always fly at me. Yuke. Never had this problem with big hoppers when I lived up in New England. :-)
  2. Southern_Heart

    Sunbathing, sitting like a dog :-)

    The only time I have ever seen one of mine sitting like a dog was when she was starting to colic or had a belly ache.
  3. Southern_Heart


  4. Southern_Heart

    Obama Visit

    I have to agree with Jill. You all can keep him if you like him that much. He has a way with words for sure if you want to beleive him. He is really nothing but all lies. Our Hope is long gone and we have no change.
  5. Southern_Heart

    New Web Site

    Oh yes our club is very much alive and doing well. Looking forward to the rest of this years Events and next years too! Also Looking forward to showing next year
  6. Southern_Heart

    Latest Scam Letter

    I got the same email from the same person. I just deleted it.
  7. Southern_Heart

    Still have not received any Journal

    We got ours last Tuesday the 27th
  8. Southern_Heart

    Has anyone seen this...

    Yup its like putting the fox in the hen house and we are the hens. No good is going to become of this Mosque. Also its being built to with stand any bombs. Gosh that has to tell you something!!!! If its going to be that sturdy then it could be thier Headquarters, right on our own turf, right...
  9. Southern_Heart

    Has anyone seen this...

    Katiean, Yes you could say that and a very big dog at that! I think its time for America to wake up!!! Worse still, the design for the Ground Zero Mosque is a mockery of the World Trade Center building design. Islamic jihadists took down those buildings when they attacked and murdered 3,000...
  10. Southern_Heart

    Has anyone seen this...

    Ground Zero is not the place for this Mosque. Whenever Muslims scourge an area they build a mosque at the religious center (such as on the site of a church or temple) to show that they have conquered an area and are now in charge. The U.S. has no religious center, but a financial one. The...
  11. Southern_Heart

    Three fillies so far :)

    Congratulations!!!!! All 3 are Gorgeous!
  12. Southern_Heart

    New Filly Pics

    Sheri, She is beautiful
  13. Southern_Heart

    Thumbelina's Title May be Stolen

    I think he is adorable and very well marked. I do wish the owners the best of luck with him. My Valor was 14 inches tall when she was born, not uncommon for foal to be that small. However Valor was not a dwarf by any means and she grew and was shown in AMHR and won ribbons. Never did get the...
  14. Southern_Heart

    What would you do?

    If she doesn't speak English, maybe you can get the point across one way or the other. I don't speak Spanish, but when we have had workers here they get the idea, just waving the hand and making gestures. Once she knows the danger that the child could get bit then maybe she will not come back. I...
  15. Southern_Heart

    What would you do?

    Can you put a gate up at the end of your driveway?
  16. Southern_Heart

    A little venting

    Wow as if we don't have better things to do or better things to talk about than flame someones ad. I took no offense to that ad at all........ Having said that I'm going to go love on my horses. They don't judge people at all.
  17. Southern_Heart

    Thanks Robin and All at Little King Farm

    Congratulations Susan, Dreams do come true! He is awesome! Joyce
  18. Southern_Heart

    I am having a dilema...

      I agree with Jane. (encouraging it's members to commit a falsehood?) Wow !!!!! Thats just soooo not right! Yet again that seems like whats happening. I for sure would not lie and say the foal was born on my property, No way, no how, NO! For sure it would someday come back to bite me in...
  19. Southern_Heart

    First Baby of the year

    Congratulations!!! What no pictures???? Gotta send pictures!
  20. Southern_Heart

    Our Newest Member of the Family

    Oh My!! He is so adorable