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    Gary's gone to Heaven

    i'm so very sorry. Please accept my condolences
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    Buying small dog clothes?

    Hi, I'm not a believer of dressing dogs unless they are short haired and get cold easily outside. that said, ebay has tons of small dog clothes. Check them out
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    Litter of 10

    Congratulations! I hope you post pics later!
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    Gary's Home

    I can hardly stand to read your posts, they're so sad. Will keep you both in thoughts and prayers.
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    Something to make you smile.....

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    katrina photos

    WOW! She's grown so much! What a pretty little girl!
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    cute pic of Emma

    Awwww! What a sweetie!
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    A lot of updates in life

    I'm so glad you worked things out with hubby! A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the soon to be new Mommy and Daddy!! I'm sure you will be wonderful parents!
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    Surrogate Mother to Mini

    Yes, we had a 20 ye old appy mare that took over a suckling foal. She would even let the baby nurse (of course there was no milk) She herded the baby around and wouldn't let anyone else near it. He was HER baby!
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    No job and moved back

    I'm sorry for your situation. Best of luck getting a job!
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    TLC 18 kids and counting

    I watch them when I remember they're on. I think it's amazing they all get along so well, like it's meant to be that way!
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    Wish Me Luck -- First Oncologist Appt This Morning

    Good for you Jill! This is wonderful news!
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    please mother died

    I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. Though it was my brother and not my mother, I can relate to the feelings of losing a much loved one to suicide. We, like you never saw it comeing. Alcohol was also involved in his death. There is so much pain, disbelief, and self blame to work through...
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    R.I.P. Our Sanny Girl

    Ok, I was already having an emotional meltdown this morning and then I read this. I'm so sorry about your dear girl. I lost 2 of my senior citizens in the last 2 years and it does hurt.
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    I'm a Grandma again

    OH MY!!! They are absolutely adorable!! Congratulations Grandma!
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    Lost a Dear Friend This Morning

    I didn't even know him and you brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry he's gone. He must have been an awesome fellow.
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    baby girl has arrived

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Can't wait for pics!
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    We had our baby

    A big CONGRATULATIONS on that darling baby boy! Looks like Dad is a big help already!
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    New Mini Donk

    Thank you very much for your reply. He's here and he's very lovable but you've given us something to think about. thanks for sharing your experiences. I may be calling on you again if you don't mind!