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    Sorry about your really is hard to find one that is consistant..mine has me on a sheduel,his wife calls me a week before to let me know what time and what day he will be comming..he charges 20.00 a head...he loves to do the minis..He also does sharons too...I hope you find a good...
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    Heavy Heart Today

    thanks for the input..we have her on penicillion..and pain she is doing better she really was sore but stayed in the barn for a coupel of she finally came out to see her other two kids...she went in the back yard and snapped at Kandi just to let her know she wanted...
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    Mare in foal - UPDATE 06/26

    I'm so sorry for your loss...It's so heart breaking I know so well I lost one this past Sunday..I still want to cry...{{{HUGS}}}}to you
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    Heavy Heart Today

    Thanks everyone...I have a question...Godiva hasn't pooped since Sunday..but she hasn't had anything but hay and she aye very little of that ..if I offer her a little feed from my hand she will eat question is can I give her an emema...a fleet enema? I know her bag needs to dry up and I...
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    Heavy Heart Today

    Thank you so much for responding...It is heart wrenching to loose a baby but it just kills me for her to whinny and look for it...I didn't think it would be so hard .I can't even think of it without tearing up...I'm so glad Godiva is doing well..she finally came out of the barn this evening to...
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    Heavy Heart Today

    It is with heavy heart I post this today...My Mare Godiva went into labor yesterday evening..I saw a red bulge and I knew that she was in trouble...I cut the bag open and saw a head dangeling no hoofs...I broke the bag and saw no hoofs so I did what I learned on this great forum..I reached in...
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    Very disturbed and with some newbies

    :aktion033: AAAAAMEN!!!!!! It breaks my heart when I see a horse tied out to a post with no water and not been moved for days...I could just wring some necks!!! mine will never leave me ,,I know they are spoiled and taken very good care of ...
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    Positive thoughts needed.

    I hope your friend does get better...Will be sending prayers his way....
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    Please keep fellow mini lover in your thoughts,

    Thats just too much to handel ...My prayers and condolences go out to her and her family...I'm so sorry...
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    Sad news....

    I'm so sorry..I know it was hard ...But it was sorry
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    Rattle Snake Bite

    :aktion033: :aktion033: so glad Darla is going to be alright!! we had a close call last week ..Samson our lab cornered a 4 foot rattle in the barn under the feeder..Thats so scary...glad you had a happy ending....
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    Heads up on the extreme heat

    It's been terribly hot here..I attached a mister hose that we use when we go camping to the top of the fence...They love it. :aktion033: even the dogs lay on the ground so it will mist them...around 11:00 you can see all 4 horses standing where the mist will blow on them...
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    Look What Samson Found

    I like snakes too as long as they aren't around my animals.....had a horse die from a bite years ago and a dog nearly die ..I hate to see them in pain...a good rattler is a dead rattler
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    Took the plunge today.

    :aktion033: :aktion033: Thats look like fun ...great looking horses
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    Rest In Pease THR Justa Pistol Pipper

    Oh No thats so sorry for your loss...what a hard but right decision to make... : {{Hugs to you}}}}
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    Look What Samson Found

    I have lived here for 4 years ,we didn't have any snakes this close to the house in thoes 4 years..I guess it's so hot...I'm putting my baby moniter back in the barn so I can at least hear the darn things if one get back in there...
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    Look What Samson Found

    My husband woke me this morning said Samson cornered this IN THE BARN !!!! :new_shocked: No one was bitten Thank God!!! It's laying by a :o 3 ft.yard stick..It's about 4 ft.long....Has about 10 rattlers...this is the second one this week.last Sunday nite I killed a 2 1/2 foot one on our back...
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    Prayers needed

    : I certainly will send prayer your way ..I know how stubburn men can be...congrats on your great news on your daughters scan....
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    Pics of Knight Star and other stuff

    : : WOW Marty, he sure is beautiful !! I love are so creative..such a great idea ,love your memory wall...great to see you on again !! we've missed you....
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    Big Mini turnout at Miami Co Fair Show in Kansas!

    :aktion033: :aktion033: :aktion033: Thats great !!! glad to hear more minis are coming to local shows...congrats to you !!! :aktion033: