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  1. Crabby-Chicken

    Why I have been missing for the past 5 years

    I'm sorry to hear all that you've been through!!!! I haven't been on her for years
  2. Crabby-Chicken

    What projects are you planning???

    I have a painting on my easel.... it is half done and I NEED to finish it. It is a beach with a big ol raven in front of it. Then I need to do a Mount Rainer. And two tiny ones and all my State Fair entries will be done. I have a month... should get on that...
  3. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    Thank you everyone so much! You made my day!
  4. Crabby-Chicken

    Miniature horse painting.

    Here is the latest painting! Thanks for looking.
  5. Crabby-Chicken

    New adventures on the farm!

    LL75 that sounds great! I am thinking I would like to trade a half hog for pasture chickens. Maybe I will try an ad on Craigslist! Jody I hope it works well! Sounds very painful! How was Harry Hamburger? We are going to send a holstein this year. But from then on it will be jersey calves. So is...
  6. Crabby-Chicken

    New adventures on the farm!

    We have tried to raise more of our own food, as close to organically as we can. We started out with a couple dairy calves, We enjoy them and when their time comes they dont even know what is coming. They are treated well with lots of land to room and anything they need. Then for a year we dont...
  7. Crabby-Chicken

    New Dobie painting.

    Here is a beautiful red dobie I painted for a client. Thanks for looking
  8. Crabby-Chicken

    Little things I sculpted

    you are awesome! Still really love the horse heads!!! Great job Robin!
  9. Crabby-Chicken

    Paintings and Drawings

    Both of you are very talented!
  10. Crabby-Chicken

    Calling All Aussie Lovers

    I love aussies. I was a certified cat person,,,, until I got Cassidy.. now I love both equally! She is a 20 mini aussie. She is kinda stand offish with people but she is so smart. SO worth it. My husband said she is the perfect amount of high energy fun dog/ mushy lap dog. She gives hugs... LOVE...
  11. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    I did not like doing the painting the second time! It is too tedious for me... But my husband liked it so much I did it for him. He paints in watercolors and will do a painting over and over until it is just right to him. That would drive me crazy. Thats why I like acrylics so I can save the...
  12. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    Wait til you see the painting my husband is doing. He is gonna kick my butt. And rightfully so. It is a larger version of one he has done, an old movie theater in Astoria,,,,, NICE and big too!
  13. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    Thank you Shari,, I am entering it in the show with my mountain one with fall leaves. Hope I do something!!!
  14. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    Thank you! Woozil is kind of a neat cat.. weird mix of? and norweigan forrest cat. I use acrylic paints. Thank you guys again!
  15. Crabby-Chicken

    Here is my newest painting.

    Thank you so much!
  16. Crabby-Chicken

    Happy Groundhog Day

    Yay Valerie! I hope it is true!!!!
  17. Crabby-Chicken

    Painting for show..

    I got this BIG painting done for it... I it is 30" X 48" I think.. Thanks for looking at some of my stuff!
  18. Crabby-Chicken

    Our cat I painted.

    The first one sold so my husband wanted me to paint it again. This is my cat Woozil.
  19. Crabby-Chicken

    Another newer painting...

    She is a friends dog, and is greatly missed.
  20. Crabby-Chicken

    Here is my newest painting.

    She is/ was one of the most delicate little mares I have ever seen. She lived here at the Crabby Chicken Ranch for almost 5 years. I decided I had too many horses to show. I found the most perfect home for her! We didnt know that when she was sold she had a little secret in that belly!! Her new...