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    Meet our new boy

    He's coming up 3 years old so hopefully performance for AMHR is in his future and as for breeding l'm thinking more about having him gelded this year and letting him roam with the rest of the herd instead of living alone...but on the other hand retired from breeding minis the past couple years...
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    Blue Eyes...

    One of the stallions here had one bright blue eye and the other brown...l found with the blue eye it wasn't anything to do with the color but the fact he had pink all around that eye..we decided to drawn black lines top and bottom with a black marker that the guys who play sports wear and that...
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    New Girl Suzie

    Pura Vidas Apollos Legacy By Graham is the sire and Sundance Easy On The Eyes of HHP is her dam...we had only bought Suzie but her former owner also sent along her mom to live out her days here so now we have 2 blue eyed girls..
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    New Girl Suzie

    Love this little girl well maybe not so little as she already stands head and shoulders above the rest of the mini herd as a weaner...she's AMHR/ ASPC and has the bluest eyes which l'm still trying to adjust to..
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    Who still has his first miniature?

    Our first 3 minis died about 5/6 years ago closing in on 30 years old we kept and still have a foal named Relic from one of those mares who's turning 23 soon..
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    Looking for old AMHA Rule book info

    l found my 2008
  7. MC13 36 0362

    MC13 36 0362

  8. DSC 0041

    DSC 0041

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    1375675 671275472891873 1144539370 N

    Regal and Ace..
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    !cid [email protected]

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    AMHR reg. look up

    Hello could someone kindly look up and message me for an AMHR registration l have his name but not his number.
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    no patience at the feed tub

    l had a heck of a time with the new yearling stallion rushing at the feed bucket the first week he was being too lazy to go in and tie for every meal which isn't hard but a pain if you don't have to do it that way..l just passed him by if he came up close and started to get in to much...
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    Comment by 'Relic' in media 'Chinook Pleasure Show'

    Atta boy you go Rowdy..
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    Newest big girl

    Yep that's Diva..
  15. Regal


  16. Whodini


  17. Regal Begal

    Regal Begal

  18. Big Baby

    Big Baby

  19. Diva


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    Newest big girl

    Love this new 2 year old 35.5 girl...hope she grows another few inches big compared to the minis but not compared to the Shetland and he needs a future paddock mate down the road.