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  1. Manyspots

    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    I just remembered too! PayPal should send $100 from me also.
  2. Manyspots

    Anxious Colt? Separation Anxiety?

    No I had started on FB to offer them, then I got scared out as so many people were posting pictures of minis that had ended up in terrible living conditions and starved . As much as I would like to have less to take care go I can't stand the thought of one of ours ending up like that. I think...
  3. Manyspots

    Anxious Colt? Separation Anxiety?

    I guess I still consider myself a responsible breeder. Our weanlings are monitored closely for any problems. This foal as well as his little herd mates were eating very well , their weaning from their dams went great. They all handled being trimmed by the farrier quite good, very little...
  4. Manyspots

    Anxious Colt? Separation Anxiety?

    We have always had horses, the last 20 years we have also bred, raised, trained and shown miniature horses. It has been a wonderful experience, made many wonderful friends. We've made mistakes along the way and learned, but when a program works we stick to it. I gave Julia this colt, he was...
  5. Manyspots

    For all the "old" and former LB Members

    I am one of the old ones. I look now & then. Lots of new folks. Next year will be our 20th year Anniversary in minis. I have riding horses once again so not as active in the mini world. We have one mini in Roadster at AMHR Nationals so see lots of friends there!
  6. Manyspots

    Show Clothes

    Emerald green, purple, Royal blue!
  7. Manyspots

    LTD is STILL here !

    Maid in Heaven I also wanted! updated pic would be great!!
  8. Manyspots

    RJ horses and Exotichills Candy

    RJ horses bred by now deceased Bob Houseal from Iowa. We have some with his bloodlines. I have some old photos of some horses. Send me am email and I wil try to help you. The other farm I believe quit a while back. our website go to Timberview Miniature Appaloosas. email there also Lavonne
  9. Manyspots

    I'm at my wit's end!

    Ocassionally a company can get in a faulty regulator. We have has some over the years that needed replaced. Very possible. Some times a tank can ger condensation causing water in tank. your dealer can contact his supplier to see if any problems at the pipeline. they put additives in there so...
  10. Manyspots

    I'm at my wit's end!

    You are doing the right thing contacting professionals. They know your situation and I hope help you soon.
  11. Manyspots

    I'm at my wit's end!

    Only a liscensed insured propane dealer should do the methanol. It isnt often that moisture gets in the tank but has happened. The regulator is the obvious. We are nearing 50 years in the propane business for home heating, agriculture & commercial use. keep on your propane dealer also. He...
  12. Manyspots

    I'm at my wit's end!

    Be sure to ask about adding methanol. We own a propane company in Iowa. Good luck!
  13. Manyspots

    I'm at my wit's end!

    Have propane dealer inject methanol into tank. Dealer should know how much. If water in tank.this will solve it. We use 2 gallons in a 500 gallon tank.
  14. Manyspots

    spot on mini horse

    This will happen on diets wirh high protein on palominos. Nothing bad.
  15. Manyspots

    Traveling to Nationals was too stressful

    Our 2 yr old filly, Exotica a couple years ago when unloaded at Nationals was ill. SAPULPA vet had her transported there, Salmonella later complications. Hepatitis. Great vets. Almost $ 10,000 and four weeks later we brought her home. Fine ever since. Had health ins, which covered first $5000...
  16. Manyspots

    Truth be told..

    Timberviews Simply Awesome is now living a wonderful, loving and spoiled life in Pennsylvania with Madeline Peifer. Madeline has been a client of ours over several years and provides a wonderful horsey home for the minis! While it was sad saying Good-Bye, I feel like I have a new sister...
  17. Manyspots


    Congratulations! Kept an eye on ya! Keep up the great work!
  18. Manyspots

    ad on Lil beginnings

    My 2 cents! Years ago when the book was published it was full of information that many of us now "oldsters" were seeking. We didn't have the internet highway like we do now that one can go and click on ask a question and there is the answer! The internet has in my opinon hurt those that like...
  19. Manyspots

    help find Buttons

    Prayers have been answered. So many of us are very thankful. Melinds I hope and pray things keep looking better. Much to be thankful for!! Thank you all for prayers good thoughts and cyber hugs!!
  20. Manyspots

    help find Buttons

    Angie has broken knee cap. Keep the prayers for Buttons safe return. Melonda has a lot in her mind Damage at her farm bad.