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  1. Ms THE

    Fybroid Tumors....anyone have experience with them?

    I know, I put my health on hold, I was depressed due to relationship and thyroid problems. I am getting everything in order now. I have had problems with my periods for years, but it has gotten much worse, heavy and painful. The tech only said something because she took an hour doing the...
  2. Ms THE

    Fybroid Tumors....anyone have experience with them?

    I have had a string of health problems, hypothyroid, depression, bad breakup (I think the thyroid problem caused the depression that led to the breakup ). Anyway, I finally went for my "annual" (which I haven't gone for in 6 years) and they sent me for an ultrasound yesterday. I was told by...
  3. Ms THE

    Where is Wardance?

    He is a favorite of mine too. I just bought a daughter of his from Getitia and Les and Buckeye WCF, she is out of a Nighthawk daughter. I also have a granddaughter of his that has done pretty well in the show ring.
  4. Ms THE

    r natioanls

    The airport is only about 10 minutes from the show grounds. I don't think a cab ride would be that much if someone couldn't go get her.
  5. Ms THE

    New puppy, doberman female with soft floppy ears

    We had several dobes, all with floppy ears. Makes me cry seeing her as I just split from a long time relationship and he kept my sweet Gracie (black girl who is also natural tail). We had a red dobe that was sort of a rescue case that was named Amanda. However she looks alot like our former...
  6. Ms THE

    Feed Prices

    I am in eastern PA between Philadelphia and Allentown. I am paying $9.70 a bag for Nutrena Safechoice. I feed 1 bag a day. I switched from Purina Strategy due to a problem with the feed store I was getting it from, but it was over $10.50 a bag then. I am VERY lucky as I get my hay (alfalfa...
  7. Ms THE

    Amy's sick, vet just left for vacation.... need imput

    I don't know what to say about the normal poo after her runs? We have a 5yr old pit/american bulldog mix that will get the runs for no apparent reason. It doesn't stop until I give him an imodium pill. I had him checked over and over at the vets and they could find nothing (forgot to add that...
  8. Ms THE

    BAD Farrier Day

    Well Linda, if you wanted to work for free, it would be more fun to stay home and play with your horses and make no money than work and not get paid : You are to good of a farrier to chase your money around. Just think 42 days from now we will be in Tulsa HAVING THE BEST TIME!!!! :aktion033:
  9. Ms THE

    Remember the pool we sold? The ppl wouldnt pay for ..

    I would call the police and make a report. You don't know what they are going to do. People really stink, but I am glad you won in court.
  10. Ms THE

    AMHR July Classic

    I am sorry I missed you guys, but I had to work! I can't wait to see you guys at Nationals, it will be here before we know it. Eileen said it was a good show. She accomplished her mission with Amigo, he finished his halter HOF Sunday in the Sr stallions! :aktion033:
  11. Ms THE

    What Do You Feed Your Dogs?

    I have 5 dogs,an 11yr old pit bull with bad artheritis, an 8yr and 2yr jack russells, 6yr doberman and a 5yr pit/american bulldog mix. They all get Nutro Natural Choise small bite (the jacks and old pit don't like big nuggets). The added glucosamin (sp?) and condroiton (sp?) really helps the...
  12. Ms THE

    Roll Call: Who's Going To Horseheads?

    Eileen is taking Amigo, but I have to stay home. There is a hunter breeding show and I have a ton to braid for it. If I don't braid I don't have money to show LOL : I look foward to seeing you and the kids at Nationals though : Tarah
  13. Ms THE

    mini express

    I placed an order and heard back from her later that day about my order via email. Try emailing her.
  14. Ms THE

    Tough day at our house

    I am sorry for your loss today. I just got home from picking up my mom's dog, we had to put her to sleep Monday due to a major diabetes crash. She has been my mom's companion for the last 9 years, she was 1 month shy of her 10th birthday. I think my mom cried harder than when her father...
  15. Ms THE

    Figureing Hall of Fame points?

    So Jr or Sr reserve gets no points right? That means my stallion needs 1 lousy point for his HOF :o
  16. Ms THE

    My Mare Bumble Bee @ 378 days

    I am in the same boat :new_shocked: My vet was out this morning to do health certs on my show horses and I had him check my mare who is 362 days today! She was starting to develop a bag 6 or 7 weeks ago and then progress stopped. She is huge, she is not loose behind, not much of a bag and I...
  17. Ms THE

    I Found the Cremello Mare of my dreams!!

    Congrats, I own a 2 year old filly out of her, Oak Park Sassy Regalaire. She is a beautiful palomino pinto with 2 blue eyes. She is tiny and looks alot like her dam. Good luck with her, I am sure she will produce many golden babies for you! :
  18. Ms THE

    worming?-What to use and when

    I go by the 3 way rotation recommended in the Smart Pak catalog (it can be found at I change up what brand of each type of wormer too. I use Ivermectin on the foals. I am in eastern PA which would be the same climate as you in NJ.
  19. Ms THE

    I have a mare that foaled 4 hours ago

    I have a mare that gets thick milk like that. My vet said that it is really rich colostrum. Her last foal was a red bag and a little weak at birth and could not nurse. We milked the mare and tubed the foal. If the baby doesn't seem to be getting much, maybe milk the mare and try to give the...
  20. Ms THE

    Anyone watch the Sopranos finale?!?!?

    I was actually getting tense waiting for either the whole family to get whacked or for Tony to get arrested by the FBI. When it went to the blank screen I was like WHAT?!?!?!? I guess that leaves things open for a spin off or to get the series going again. Who knows, I know it really was not...