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  1. Tami

    Hello! My name is Kathy and I live in Wisconsin. New to Mini Forum

    Hi Kathy..... Welcome to the mini world. I too am in WI, near Madison. You have come to the right place to learn.
  2. Tami

    Wireless Barn Camera from

    Yep, I have this system and it works great. I have had it for years.
  3. Tami

    Hello from Wisconsin!! Oh boy will I have questions!! :)

    Welcome from another WI mini owner!!! Yep, if you can have your husband make you a place to watch her from that would be best. I have cameras and a Breeder Alert and still sometimes it goes so fast that if I am not heading out to the barn at the first sign of labor it could be too late. I...
  4. Tami

    CMHR $3 Mission of Thanks : Final items, huge thank you Pg. 19

    My story goes way back......I had gone to the very first Midwest Horse Fair in Madison WI. It was there I saw my first miniature horse. I fell in love. I don't remember the year, but a guess would be late 70's, but there was the most AMAZING stallion there and after seeing him I knew I wanted...
  5. Tami

    Show Trainers/Handlers In The Midwest

    I too will give a big thumbs up for Jason and Brenda Prince....nice, nice people. I also like Robby Barth and Andrea of Showtime in Iowa.
  6. Tami


    I bought a weanling who arrived and was 32.5"!!!!!!! He came with a height a 3 year old at Nationals last year he measured 33.25" He comes from a line that matures quick and then just stops. I was sure he would be over 34 by a yearling......
  7. Tami

    Still floating on Cloud 9 from Nationals! :)

    So darn excited for you.......It is an honor to place at Nationals let alone Reserve National Champion and with his owner, well....there are no words to describe it..........Big congratulations to you!!!!
  8. Tami

    Show me your buckskins with white markings!

    Here is my boy, Lucky Four Velvetbuck Thumbs Up.
  9. Tami

    My one and only foal this year

    Congrats!!! This isn't Happy Tails Exceptional Gossip, is it? I owned her and this sure looks like her........
  10. Tami


    She is stunning Robin.
  11. Tami

    Blue eye

    I had a filly born Friday night that is a solid black with one blue eye......which gene causes blue eyes? Sire is sold black and dam is a cremello tobiano. But her sire may have been a splash?
  12. Tami

    Look what I got in the mail today!

    Woo hoo....congrats Joy. That is AWESOME.
  13. Tami


    Here are some of mine.....In the 30 years I have had minis, I may miss a I purchased several from each of the the farms below. Reh' longer breeding Lucky Four-NC Little King- IN Arion-KY Sami Lil Horse Ranch- CA longer breeding Oh yeah, Limestone too I...
  14. Tami

    D'Armond Sale

    Congrats, she was one of my favorites too.
  15. Tami

    Arabian Type Halter & Breastcollars

    I was thinking I might want to make one too Debbie, so if you find any info let me know. I have a set but it wont fit most of my horses, so i would like to make one smaller.
  16. Tami

    Let's SEE Your 2011 Additions

    I have been selling instead of buying.....but, when I saw this filly I knew I had to have her. Little Kings Jamaica Me Believe.
  17. Tami

    What was the first miniature register with AMHA & AMHR

    I bought a mare back in 1982 or 1983 who was originally registered with the IMHR and her number was 00011B and her registered name was "Tiny". Her AMHA number is listed as the same
  18. Tami

    Oh I was bad, didnt mean to but

    Is she out of Flaby Jrs Playgirl, I think I remember Mona owning her? Going to date myself a little I was at a mini show where Playgirl went Supreme as a weanling.
  19. Tami

    A few new pics for the Doc fans

    Still such a pretty boy.....of course you know I love him.....
  20. Tom


    Lucky Four Velvetbuck Thumbs Up. 2008 buckskin pinto stallion.