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  1. Connie Ballard

    Anybody else have anxiety

    I too have not done well with flonase...felt irritating, tried it several times over the years, but no help. My allergist at Dayton Head & Neck put me on Neil Med Sinus Rinse (squeeze bottle...not nettie pot). It is a balanced soulution of salt/soda does not dry out your sinuses. I used to be...
  2. Connie Ballard

    Finally got a wig

    I LOVE the is really stylish and you are looking healthy! YAY!! God love ya...I know you have been through so much! I had an accident, cut my shaved 2" path from forehead past been wearing a "dew rag" that my niece got me (blue with little stars)...didnt...
  3. Connie Ballard

    Pray for Mya

    Sending healing prayers for the little sweetness and strength for you!
  4. Connie Ballard

    My talented husband

    Wow..such beautiful work! What a gift to be able to use your hands to make something from your heart and mind. Does he do horses? I'd love to have someone do a driving horse award for our engraving business Cherokee Stables Engraving.
  5. Connie Ballard

    I just want to cry

    Debbie I can feel for you girl, my back/pelvic did that few years ago, like you hard to lay down or get up it was crazy. My chrio had me come in 2x week for 3 weeks, then once week for month...did the job!! So ask about going on a regular basis so you can keep it in place till it settles down...
  6. Connie Ballard

    High Country Insulated Buckets

    They work to a certain level. We have those insulated bucket holders in all of our stalls, have used them almost 15 yrs. Ours have a disk that lays on top of the water (like a frisbee with hole in center). We're in Ohio and never had them freeze solid. They will get icy on top. I tap the...
  7. Connie Ballard

    Whats a good antivirus product?

    Microsoft Security Essentials I used Spyware Doctor for 3-4yrs paid like $30/yr. Then I had a problem...they sent me to Microsoft because it was a Windows problem....spent 3hrs on the phone while Microsoft fixed my problem. They told me their free antivirus was better than Spyware. I used...
  8. Connie Ballard

    Odd Foods or Strange Combinations You Like To Eat?

    My Dad was a cook in WWII war...used to make what he called "Slop-Jop"....we grew up eating it...still like it but Tim prefers that I make it when he's out of my 93yr old Mom and I have it for dinner when he's not looking...LOL Pork n beans...heat up in skillet, add 3 eggs...scramble...
  9. Connie Ballard

    Where have my eyebrows gone???

    My bioidentical hormone doc said it was caused by overtaxed adrenal system. Shd did a full workup of my blood, saliva tests, etc. Basically your system gets over stressed with life and aging.
  10. Connie Ballard

    Quick and EASY Dinner Recipes

    Rotel is a brand of canned tomatoes that come in a variety of 'spiced up' versions like mild or hot that you can add to recipes.
  11. Connie Ballard

    Quick and EASY Dinner Recipes

    This is great to take to a carry-in event...double it, put the dressing on when I get there and always take home an empty bowl...!!
  12. Connie Ballard

    Quick and EASY Dinner Recipes

    Sheila here is the Orential Chicken Salad (you can leave out the chicken)...for Oriential Coleslaw 5 Tablespoons white vinegar 3/4 cup oil 5 Tablespoons sugar 2 flavor packets from chicken ramen noodles Combine above dressing ingredients, cover refrigerate 4 hours or overnite, then add it...
  13. Connie Ballard

    Quick and EASY Dinner Recipes

    We like Taco Salad...quick and easy: 1lb Ground Turkey (can use ground beef) 1/2 envelope of Taco Seasoning 1 can fat free refried beans 1 can black beans (dont drain) 1 cup salsa (we like WalMarts Peach/Pineapple Salsa) Bag of salad mix (or head of lettuce) Shreaded sharp chedder cheese...
  14. Connie Ballard

    WATSON SAYS... (pets say the darndest things!)

    Well those that know me..know that my Rhotens Lil Dandy son, NFCs Candy Dandy is my main squeeze. We got in him 1996. At one time, we had 7 stallions in our arena stalls (has 7 stalls). When I am working with another horse, if that horse gives me a hard time, Dandy will yell. It is too funny...
  15. Connie Ballard

    Where oh where to order a mini foal halter???

    Here ya go...Cathy at Star Lake Tack is great to work can email her questions and she'll help you figure out things like sizes, etc. Star Lake Tack
  16. Connie Ballard

    work what do you do

    I retired from Huffy Bicycle Company as Customer Service Manager and now have an engraving and glass etching studio here on our farm, plus take care of my 93 yr old Mom that lives with us.
  17. Connie Ballard

    Would you buy a previously foundered riding horse?

    I agree...sadly I wouldnt want to take the chance...and here is why: In 1982 got my first horse...the previous owner did NOT share that he'd been foundered...he was 4yrs old. He had flare-ups over the years. Sometimes he'd 'flare' over a quick snap in temp from cool to very hot weather, then...
  18. Connie Ballard


    Congratulations to Lizzie & Roger!!!! Good luck at State too!!! I just engraved plaques for our county 4H show where they qualify to go to State. They had just offered Pleasure Driving (all sizes) and Reinsmanship. New this year..."MINIS OVER FENCES" Its a start...also said think 8-10...
  19. Connie Ballard


    Sounds like ulcers since she's picking a little. Did you check her temp?
  20. Connie Ballard

    Running big horses with minis???

    Jill that is an excellent analogy!!!