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  1. yankee_minis

    Russia at Bit-O-Blue - Due any day

    Thanks everybody. We are slowly getting better. I don't tear up anymore. Russia is outside and enjoying the nice 50* temps. She seems to have recovered well. The vet said that in the case of hip lock, which is less common in mares and more so in cows, it is usually a matter of saving the...
  2. yankee_minis

    Russia at Bit-O-Blue - Due any day

    her pH strip was so green I didn't even bother to compare it to the scale. She is rubbing her butt a lot.
  3. yankee_minis

    Russia at Bit-O-Blue - Due any day

    Bored and tired of waiting. Her pH was still 6.75 or 6.5 . I literally have the exact breeding date so know how far along she is.339 days. I hope she isn't working on adding an additional appendage. I am hoping for a filly.
  4. yankee_minis

    Russia at Bit-O-Blue - Due any day

    Please help us watch! 207-441-9409 or 207-660-1206 Russia is on cam at She is a daughter of White Russian and is bred to my BTU son. Hoping for a buckskin filly! Today she is 335 and her milk is testing at 6.75.
  5. yankee_minis

    Post and share your 2013 foals!

    This is Yukon, our colt born on January 22, the coldest day of the winter here in Maine. It was something like -10* and the windchill was close to -30*F. His Dad is a BTU son and his dam is a Buckeroo granddaughter. They are both bay-- something like 7% chance of getting a sorrel out of 2...
  6. yankee_minis

    breeding- mare willing but stallion not interested

    I've had her for 2 years and she hasn't caught. So I am trying this. I give her regumate for 2 weeks and then they do an ultrasound and check hormone levels. If she is pregnant and the hormone levels are good, we can stop the regumate. If she is pregnant and the hormone levels aren't good...
  7. yankee_minis

    breeding- mare willing but stallion not interested

    He covered her last Thursday.
  8. yankee_minis

    breeding- mare willing but stallion not interested

    We have hand bred up until this spring. I have 4 mares in with the stallion (I've been using him for 2-3 years). Last Thursday this particular mare stood to be bred. She is still following the stallion around with her tail up but he won't breed her. The problem is that I need to start her on...
  9. yankee_minis

    Questions on video camera & videos of horses

    I spend a lot of thought and time taking pictures and videos of my horses. I had to buy a new computer and my current video camera is not compatible with it. I am considering my options. I will not be spending a lot of money on this-- the money went to the new computer. My still camera...
  10. yankee_minis

    Teens Who Care - Ribbons for Linda

    I saw this on TV getting ready for work one day and I was so proud!!!
  11. yankee_minis

    What I Did New Year's Day 2012

    It was close to 50* here in Maine today, January 1, 2012. And I couldn't resist taking a lawn chair out to the baby's paddock and sitting down with my camera. For these shots I am holding the camera high above my head!
  12. yankee_minis

    Guess what I'm getting for Christmas?!

    AWWWW I'm so glad she's going to such a good home, Angie! She is going to be very very lucky!!
  13. yankee_minis

    quarantine facilities for shipping overseas

    Are there any quarantine facilities in the northeast US?
  14. yankee_minis

    Proud of my 2011 foals

    Little Kings BT Yessirre, a BTU son, is putting gorgeous foals on the ground. Bay pinto filly Dazzle Bay filly, Luna (she has very pretty movement and is also a granddaughter to Top Cat) Sorrel colt, Dezi Black colt, Joplin (he is one heck of a beautiful mover and he's...
  15. yankee_minis

    What size should run-in be for 15 mares

    The space is an open area, about a 1/2 acre, surrounded by woods. The back would be up against one side of the woods. There isn't a lot of area for winds to sweep in. And I wouldn't have thought of north except the south side has small sheds for my stallions, etc. and with it facing north I...
  16. yankee_minis

    What size should run-in be for 15 mares

    I am planning new paddock layout and wanted one large run-in for 15 mares or so. I already have a 12x20 shed for shelter and there will be lots of high tree shade for the summer and open sun in the winter. My concern is that some of the horses can be mean and push out the timid ones. And...
  17. yankee_minis

    beautiful moving colt

    This little boy is eye catching in the paddock but I couldn't get a good picture of him. Luckily I had the camera when I caught him moving through the paddock. He is absolutely regal. He needs to full clip job (legs and head) but haven't gotten around to it.