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  1. Getitia

    freaking out over health insurance!

    Do you have a copy of the SPD ( Summary Plan Description) for your husband's health insurance plan? If not - request one. If this plan is provided under ERISA guidelines, then the eligibility requirements will be spelled out in the SPD ( who can be added, dropped and when these changes can...
  2. Getitia

    What bloodlines are in?

    Although, there are many others on this forum, much more well versed than I on this topic –our experience is that sometimes it helps to go back a generation or two to find the determinant bloodline that contributes to the factors you are looking to produce – For example King Lee’s sire and dam...
  3. Getitia

    Who have you bred (or not bred) for 2013?

    We are expecting a few foals in 2013 - in a variety of registration combinations - from amhr to amhr/amha/aspc. We have been working on some of these crosses for almost two decades. Here are a few of the mares:
  4. Getitia

    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    Something to keep in mind is that a "shetland" pony breed cannot just be compared to an Arabian or Morgan or Saddlebred - in that the American shetland pony has many "looks/types" that all show separately - and when the public hears the word shetland - mentally the general public typically...
  5. Getitia

    Lost another foal

    I can only speak to our experience over the past twenty years of foaling out a few hundred foals and our statistical history. Given a normal delivery, no red bag, normal presentation we have only experienced one situation whereby the foal was still born and not viable at birth and in this case...
  6. Getitia

    Lost another foal

    If you were not present during the births - and you returned to find the foals deceased, the most common cause would be the foals did not get out of the sack and they drowned. It is very, very common and can happen within just a few minutes of birth. When the mare stands up after foaling, the...
  7. Getitia

    Best mare auntie ever!

    Great photo!......Hugs to Snowball for being willing to help out
  8. Getitia

    Put on your sunglasses... this one's LOUD!

    I think you hit the lottery - congratulations
  9. Getitia

    What stallions did Kandi Crow have in 2003?

    I agree with Joanne. My understanding is that if both the sire and dam of the AMHA horse being tested are DNAed - then the registry PQs the horse automatically when they process the DNA. So fast forward - and you breed the mare/stallion that you may have purchased several years ago and now you...
  10. Getitia

    Letter to the editor

    Just a little different perspective - for the past 15+ years, we have been showing horses in halter pretty successfully at the National level and then taking these same halter horses and showing them pretty successfully in performance -year after year, after year - some of these horses are...
  11. Getitia

    Sorry Reo apologize for doing this

    Robin, Special prayers and a Christmas blessing for your wonderful husband and that the medical treatment is a complete success to allow his leg to be totally healed. And do take care of yourself. Gall Bladder surgery has changed greatly over the years and the recovery time as was mentioned...
  12. Getitia

    Input asap- Necropsy report is in 12/5/11 Pg 6

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful horse Saturn. I can totally relate to your situation unfortunately as this is how we lost one of our most prized herd sires a few years ago. When I left him in his stall that night he was happily munching his hay and the next morning, when I...
  13. Getitia

    CLP Miniatures is very proud to announce our new addition

    Super Congratulations Love those Feather daughters.
  14. Getitia

    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    Our $100.00 donation is on its way.
  15. Getitia

    Your favorite color, among your minis

    One of my favorite colors is a sooty palomino - This photo is of Buddy at the 2008 Nationals as it really shows his dapples. ( he has been color DNA tested as so many believe he is a silver buckskin) This year at the Nationals he was National Champion solid color. and buckskins are another...
  16. Getitia

    AMHR/ASPC Convention News

    Mark - kudos to you and the entire hard working team for organizing a "first class" event. And the cost of the hotel was much less than I paid for a "Hampton" just last week and about half of what I would expect (or have paid in the past) to pay for a hotel of this caliber. From the moment of...
  17. Getitia

    YOUR favorite picture

    So hard to pick a favorite over the years - so how about a favorite winter and favorite spring photo. The spring photo is of Classical Obsession when she was just two days old being led out to the pasture for the first time from the foaling barn - she decided to both smell and try to "taste"...
  18. Getitia

    For those who show...

    As others have mentioned, you have a wide variety of shows to select from here in Ohio. Showing is one of those activities that you really learn from "doing" - like swimming - you can read all of the books on how to swim, obtain all of the advice, but at some point, you really need to jump in...
  19. Getitia

    New Pics of SQUIRT (under 29" stallion / Taker son)

    I saw him at Nationals - you are going to be very pleased when he arrives. Congratulations
  20. Getitia

    Selling a stallion

    A couple of additional things to keep in mind - if the stallion has not been brought permanent in either amhr (age 3) or amha (age 5 now and 3 in the future)- you will not be able to register his foals until his status is updated. Also if he is registered amha and his dna is not on file, you...