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  1. zacharyfarms

    Request for ideas

    There is a product called Weight Builder (clever name )that is made by Farnam. You sprinkle it on top of her regular feed. I had a 28 year old Cushings horse and a very very skinny frenzied stallion that both had lost their appetite which it did wonders for. It smells very very good and...
  2. zacharyfarms

    Progressive Nutrition Feed

    Kim, I feed all 21 of my horses Triple Crown Lite. It is less than 10% ESC+Starch so safe for Cushings and IR horses. Everyone does well on it along with Omega Horseshine.
  3. zacharyfarms

    high risk mare on marestare

    I have her on my screen also. I didn't breed any last year so am going through foal withdrawals..good luck with this pretty lady and her new baby.
  4. zacharyfarms

    Tractor Supply Oats freaking me out a little

    Marty, I think it is just the opposite and they are cleaning their equipment. Although it would be wiser if they then ran a run of waste oats or something to rid of the corn. I was told by one of the mill reps that they use corn to clean the extruders and filling equipment. Perhaps that is...
  5. zacharyfarms

    Happy News! (sorry Peggy, not yet)

    They are both beautiful, Charlotte. I think our brains get into the psychic mode with the babies and just wake us up in time. How about Reflections Star Chaser....have used that?
  6. zacharyfarms

    first mare up

    I've just been lurking and watching Lacey since you changed the due date LOL and never felt she was ready until last night but went to sleep early and missed the delivery. What a gorgeous little boy she had for you. Congratulations to you all. Do you have a name? Apolo Ohno it would be if he...
  7. zacharyfarms

    Setting Up MareStare

    You can buy a quad splitter and run 4 cameras on one screen. It is a special box that allows 4 pictures at once. Perhaps you could look into this. That is what I have which is great. When a mare is imminent I can put her camera on full screen if I like.
  8. zacharyfarms

    Omega Horseshine

    Mine all get 1/8 cup with 1 tsp of iodized salt mixed in. I get mine from Tractor supply. It's $37.99 for a 20lb.bag from the store and $44.95 if shipped from Omega Fields which includes the shipping cost.
  9. zacharyfarms

    Mares and udders

    I always keep Seramune on hand during foaling season and when the foal is born before it nurses I give it about 1 1/2 ounces of Seramune with a 4 oz. baby bottle with an old fashioned latex nipple with an x cut in the hole of the nipple. Seems to perk the foals up immediately and they have...
  10. zacharyfarms

    HOLY COW!!!!!

    What a precious beautiful little girl, Becky. I sure hope all turns out well and she is on to a healthy happy life.
  11. zacharyfarms

    Shinny Horses

    Omega Horseshine...a flaxseed supplement that you can purchase at Tractor Supply.
  12. zacharyfarms

    Web Cam Hosts

    MareStare her also. I had a watcher from New Zealand call me one year to tell me a mare was in labor and then another from was great. Heather is great and they are always updating their system.
  13. zacharyfarms

    A word about those senior horses.........

    My Mulita (Foundation Falabella) is 28 this year and she is such a hoot..she knows that if she doesn't want to go out of the barn area in the morning with all the other horses that she will get to stay in and get extra attention. She loves her Triple Crown Senior/Lite mixture and her Timothy...
  14. zacharyfarms

    Mare Bagging 3 months early

    What everyone is trying to tell you is that this protocol won't cause the mare to retain a dead foal. If the foal is already dead the mare will abort it regardless of what you do but if you try Becky's protocol it could possibly save a foal tha is still alive. If your vet specializes in equine...
  15. zacharyfarms

    Cushings disease

    Hi Becky, The capsule form made a big difference on the just Cushings horse.. There is many references to the capsule vs the powder and liquid forms not being as effective. Their shelf life is limited in the liquid and powder. The biggest difference with the IR and Cushings horses was...
  16. zacharyfarms

    Cushings disease

    Hi Becky, I have one mare 13 yo and one mare 28 yo that have Cushings. 13 is considered very young for Cushings but she also IR and it sometimes induces Cushings from the research I have done. I know that you are already a member of the Cushings Yahoo group. They are immensely helpful. The...
  17. zacharyfarms

    Please Judge My Horse!

    He is beautiful and it would be so nice if you could afford to hardship into AMHA. Congratulations on your handsome "Wearin' My Calvin Kleins".
  18. zacharyfarms

    Tennessee new member

    Hi Moriah, I live in Knoxville. Where in TN are you? Welcome to the forum.
  19. zacharyfarms

    feeding salt

    Everyone gets their Triple Crown Lite top dressed with 1/8th cup Omega Horseshine mixed with 1 tsp of iodized salt each day here.
  20. zacharyfarms

    CMHR Announces our new Sales Barn

    Everything is just wonderful. What fun items for Christmas presents. I will definitely put the link to "the barn" on my Christmas List. I won a CMHR hat in mustard on a CMHR auction and I wear it all the time. It is the most comfortable ball hat I have. Good Luck on the new CMHR venture it...