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  1. trickhorses

    Equine Affaire in Mass - Anyone going?

    I was just wondering if anyone is going to the Equine Affaire in Massachusettes? We are considering going but not sure yet.
  2. trickhorses

    Has anyone been to this Miniature Horse Auction??

    We are strictly looking for small A size (under 31") to train for our therapy program, so we are not looking for show quality. I am strictly looking for something with decent conformation, but doesn't have to be registered nor be show quality. Size and temperament is most important in what we do...
  3. trickhorses

    Has anyone been to this Miniature Horse Auction??

    I am thinking of going to the Southlawn Miniature Horse Auction in Greencastle, PA. It is a good 5 hours from me so before I take off work that day and drive there with a truck and trailer, I was hoping to get some input from people that have been to this auction and could tell me what it was...
  4. trickhorses

    AMHR look up Please!

    Could someone look up on AMHR studbook and tell me the registration numbers for: "Vandy's Wish Come True" and "Vandy's Brighton Stole My Heart". I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks!!
  5. trickhorses

    Is it safe to put a very light saddle on a pregnant ponies back?

    IMO, at 10 months pregnant, I would not put any extra weight on her back at this point.
  6. trickhorses

    Are these drugs safe for foundered minis?

    Yes please let me know what the vets you have near you say about that drug. I am not sure how an antibiotic would help??
  7. trickhorses

    Are these drugs safe for foundered minis?

    We have foam on her feet and then wrapped with duct tape. Today we took her out to let her stand in her cold ice for an hour and I saw significant improvement just from taking her out of the stall, she actually walking almost normal. The vet does not think she is in the founder stage yet where...
  8. trickhorses

    Are these drugs safe for foundered minis?

    Has anyone given their mini horse Doxyclycline for founder? My 19 yr old mini mare pulled her stifle muscles which caused her to tie up which then caused her to mildly founder in the front. The vet said it is not that bad and she should recover fine. We put foam on her feet and wrapped them and...
  9. trickhorses breed 22 inch minis?

    I know exactly the farm in question. She actually advertises on the LB board. Her most recent ad claims her 28" sorrel mare is bred to her 24" buckskin stallion. Who himself has dwarf characteristics and is no 24". Then on her website she has a page just for her dwarves who amazingly enough are...
  10. trickhorses

    Need studbook look up for AMHR - please :-)

    My online studbook membership just expired and I need the AMHR registration number for a stallion I sold. Any chance someone can look that up for me? His name is Emerald Ridges Blue Eyed Baby. Thank you so much!!
  11. trickhorses

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Presley - Blue Eyed Black Appy Colt Born in February Picasso - Sorrel Frame Overo Colt born in March Our newest Addition. A Blue Eyed Black Tovero Colt born this week
  12. trickhorses

    Worlds Smallest Horse

    Just saw him on Good Morning America today celebrating his 2nd birthday. I saw a post on facebook from a fan that they say he is "around" 24" tall. I wish they would get him measured by a ring stewart and get his EXACT measurement. I am really tired of hearing that he is "around that" height...
  13. trickhorses

    Do You Think EINSTEIN Is A Dwarf?

    She looks just like Einstein in type. What a great comparison. Thank you for posting. If you painted her black and white - she would be his clone.
  14. trickhorses

    Do You Think EINSTEIN Is A Dwarf?

    Funny you should bring that up. I know his sire does without question. Because I have TWO dwarves who happen to have the same exact lineage as Einstein. They are direct relatives.
  15. trickhorses

    Do You Think EINSTEIN Is A Dwarf?

    I think he is definitely a dwarf too. There are SO many forms of dwarfism that I would not hesitate to say he is a dwarf. He has the scoliosis like you pointed out. (curvature of the spine). Which is very typically of a dwarf! He also has a short neck with a large head. He should be gelded. I...
  16. trickhorses

    Who is going to the Forth Worth Show?

    It is listed on the AMHA page as the Forth Worth Livestock show. Someone told me it is an AMHA show?
  17. trickhorses

    Who is going to the Forth Worth Show?

    Is there anyone who lives in Ohio or surrounding states that is going to the Fort Worth Show in January?
  18. trickhorses

    Yes you are too big to ride a mini!!!!

    I stumbled across this video on youtube and was beyond horrified. This girl not only has no business riding (first she doesn't have a helmet on - but that is the least of my concerns). Secondly because she thinks it is cute to torment unbroke donkey's and ponies/minis with rodeo style riding...
  19. trickhorses

    Little Enstien

    Exactly! I am glad someone else can see it also. This is why I don't support the exploitation of Einstein. Yes Einstein is cute. But if they are going to showcase a mini in front of millions of viewers - they need to at least make it the ideal specimen of what a miniature is and IMO Einstein is...
  20. trickhorses

    Little Enstien In this picture above - he looks dwarfy to me. The roached back is not normal. I have had several normal quality foals born as small as 15" and they never went through a stage where they had a roached back...