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    People Riding Minis

    I guess for once it's a good thing that I dont have high speed - I know these vidios from "U - TUBE" would get me going. Lori
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    :DOH! Yup, that was me, though I do love all animals - I do admitt, I saw $ signs big time. I was told " the little ones go for much more then the full sized horses - but dont repeat that..!'' Nest came two mares - one registered, twenty something, one unregistered "b" sized mare. And lastly...
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    Your other animals

    Love these topics! Where do I start... Francious - my ub2 whom I have had for over twenty years. Echo - our Timneh Gray, have had for oh - three years? Cricket - our Cockatiel of about eight years. ( Quit the story here...) Sammie, our cocker spaniel - house dog. Meow Meow, house cat...
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    What's Your "Day Job"

    What a interesting topic Jill. I have four part time jobs that I absolutely LOVE. In order: P.M. Cook at our local nursing home. I just love this job, I love cooking and I get to interact with the elders - they make you feel so special and really give you a eye opening on what your future may...
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    a forum member has

    I am so sorry Corinne, I know you and Roxy were close. I only met her a couple of times but what a wonderful gal she was. So sad to go at such a young age. Though her family and friends are grieving, she is on the other side feeling wonderful, free from all pain and having a great time...
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    A very active morning......

    Thanks for sharing your morning visitors with us! Lori
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    Thanks for your concern every one. Jasper was adopted today by a lady who really wanted him and was exited to get him. She has a special needs son who just loves donkeys and that was her primary reason for wanting him. We informed her of his "issue" ( his feet trimming problem ) and I gave her...
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    Need Info on My Mare foaling

    Papa is doing well - fat and sassy! Please keep us posted - I am just as anxious as you are for baby's arrival!! : : :aktion033: :488: Lori
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    Need Info on My Mare foaling

    Just bumping this up for you girlfriend, how's the little princess doing tonight? Lori
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    My New "Baby"

    She is ADORABLE!! Cant wait to see more pics - congrats!! Lori
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    Really WIERD picture

    That is absolutely awesome - thanks for sharing! Lori
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    Anyone have just one donkey?

    Jasper is my only donkey, he seems content too - I dont even think he knows he is different from the horses. He is a real sweet boy and aside from having his feet done - an easy keeper. Lori Jasper earlier this year with Tequla and Shadow. Last year.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    What a great thread! :aktion033: I was a bakery manager through my twenty's and early thirty's - I loved that job. Did every thing from hiring, ( sometimes firing ) payroll, ordering, pricing and murchandising of product, ect. Then I left the big city life to move north to a tiny little town...
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    An "unexpected" start to foaling season-

    She is simply adorable Donna! Who is mommy and daddy? Congrats!!! Lori
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    Happy Birthday Nicole / New Image

    HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY NICOLE! : :488: :538: :cheeky-smiley-006: HOPE LIFE HAS BEEN TREATING YOU WELL!! Lori
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    Dream Place?

    I agree with minimule - if your gonna dream - dream BIG! SOOO - I would love a home and barn in one building - how awesome would that be?!! No getting dressed up in the winter to go check on your horses - just put on your robe and slippers and step out the door into the barn! :aktion033: Of...
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    Two Sides to Any Story

    WHAT IN THE WORLD? Obviously I missed something here... Lori
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    Donkeys (and mule) on parade

    What wonderful fun!! :aktion033: How nice to have such trusting long ears! : Lori
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    Remember Zeus?

    Thanks for the nice compliments every one! Rumamuk - you sure know your breeds! I was so sure at first he had A.P.B.T. in him! I was never very knowledgable about the hunting breeds. But I sent a picture of Zeus to a big time English Pointer breeder recently - and he said he definatly looked...
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    A very disturbing story in local newspaper

    How terrible. Lori