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    I'd love to meet you

    Hi and Welcome Home :bgrin My name is Allison Daulton and with my Dad-Roger and Mom- Carol we raise own and train our Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies we live in Urbana, Ohio which is centrally located between Columbus and Dayton. My Dad has been involved w/ Shetlands since the early...
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    If You Could Choose Only ONE Horse

    It would be a gelding as well for me and I've been very lucky to have some great ones.
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    AMHR World Championship Show - what is it?

    At one time the Shetland Congress was held at the Ohio State Fair can't really give you the dates for positive when it was held there but it was HUGE for a long time and we miss it but we have had a very good turn out since the Congress moved to Gordyville. Now the show isn't held while the...
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    Need Some Help And/Or Ideas

    A friend of mine decorated her daughters room from Pottery Barn it was a bit pricey but the colors blue and white and all the horse motif is great it makes me wish I were a lil girl again :no:
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    What's Your Day Job?

    Currently I work at a Mortgage House it's a lot of fun but I consider showing, training and working w/ the horses my second job, it may not pay as much as my first one but I honestly like it more :bgrin
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    Laura & Zack update

    You've got a great looking family.
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    Pics from the Ohio World Show

    Amber is right contacting Judy Peters is a start and any show in Ohio or the rest of Area II which is ASPC/AMHR/ASPR approved is to be considered part of Area II . Yes there are several farms that have Foundation Classics but they don't always show in those divisions because of other...
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    Pics from the Ohio World Show

    Any show in Area II can be questioned, I wanted a Model Gelding class in all of the Area II shows for Classics because it seemed odd that there was one for Mares and Stallions now I don't know if it's going to happen but I brought it up. I guess the sad part is even though Area II has branched...
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    Horse's Nicknames?

    Jill I must say I love these posts :bgrin *Flying A's Maybe My Ransom - Handsome Ransom *Flights of Fancys Chantilly Blue - T.T. *Serene Acres Steppin Cocky - Swamp *Ten L's Splendors Nighthawk - Bird *Flights of Fancys Out Of The Blue - Ding *Caldwell's Impressible - Presley *NHF...
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    Pics from the Ohio World Show

    Well I must say that since the Congress was moved from the Ohio State Fair several years ago entries have decreased but several years ago people asked for Foundation Classes to be put into the World Show program as asked they received a full slate of classes were offered unfortunately only one...
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    Anyone with home remidies?

    I worked in the dental field for about 5 years if you can't get Oil Of Clove, take a tea bag that will help with the pain and it doesn't taste half bad either. Avoid sucking on straws and what not I don't want too preach : but take it easy and good luck.
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    "Ugly Betty"...

    I love this show as well, I really like it when the add the family element into shows which doesn't happen a lot anymore :
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    Your Favorite Horse Names?

    My favorite names are: Flying A's Maybe My Ransom Serene Acres Steppin Cocky Serene Acres Hi Steppin Man Serene Acres Impressions Reign Flights Of Fancys Chantilly Blue Glen Haven's Watch Her Strut M&S Midnight Elegance I could go on and on but those are some of my favorites
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    What happened to Jo-Co Miniatures?

    All of their horses have sold and they will be missed by all. No one I've ever met won or lost and that wasn't often w/ more grace than them. I'll miss them all, thanks for the memories.
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    I'm back

    Great picture, are you thinking about a picture for your Christmas card yet!? :bgrin
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    Zack the "Bean" pictures

    I was out of town this weekend, so I'm a lil late in the CONGRATULATIONS! He's a good looking lil guy.
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    If You Could Pick Any Horses from Forum Members...

    My horses would have to be: Mare: Buckeye WCF Classical Lily : Stallion: D&S Peeping Tom : Gelding: I already have three all purchased from Forum members so those are my picks :
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    New Classic Gelding

    First off I can't say how happy that I have the opportunity to own..........drum roll please......Cross Country Ride Captain Ride. I'm thrilled to death that I will now have a Shetland to show although my family has been involved with Shetlands since before I was born he is a dream too me and I...
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    New Classic Gelding

    If you can wait till this weekend I'm sure I can get some pictures : Thank you for all the kind comments.
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    New Classic Gelding

    I'll reveal more at a later date but I am the proud new owner of a wonderful Classic Gelding I couldn't be more excited I've been looking for about 2 years and couldn't find anything that just really made me go wild so when the opportunity came I was thrilled to death. So be on the look out for...