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    Hey, Wanna Make a Quilt with me?

    Where is the site to see the making of the quilt? I have been learning and making some quilts and would love to ee you sew one up. Mary
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    I really need some prayers and good thoughts

    Jill, Good thoughts and prayers coming from here also. I was diagnosed with cancer eight months ago and if there is anything I have learned from the experience is that I can't control having cancer but I can sure control how I deal with it. Even though it is third stage cancer I have lived as...
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    Sharing important words

    So many of us have had to deal with or are dealing with issues that are very difficult and even life threatening. I think there is a tendency to want to blame someone or something for those problems and often see those problems as "why me." I ran across this poem and think it has a lot of...
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    To go on from the God thread

    Thank you for the hug for hugs are so wonderful to receive. We all have callenges to deal with in our life time and I believe they can make us stronger if we want it that way. Really makes me appreciate all the wonders of living even more. Hugs to you too, Mary
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    "For me it all boils down to this....When a person dies I can let them go knowing that they truly are in a better place somewhere and that I will see them again. If someone I cared about died and I didnt believe in some sort of higher power than what relief would I have, how in the world could...
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    To go on from the God thread

    For whoever really believes that the Bible is the word of God, they truly must see that God didn't choose to make life easy for anyone. The Bible says God made all things possible [that would have to include death] so do people who believe in the God of the Bible accept what God hands out and...
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    It is the easy way to just believe what we are told rather than search out things for our self. I was raised a Christian but God knows that I have many questions for him since he is said to be alll loving, all knowing and capable of anything. I ask Him why he choose to allow evil, from the very...
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    Stop Horse Slaughter

    I hope for all you people who believe that slaughterhouses are the answer to a problem of too many unwanted horses are happy that Montana will probably soon be building them. It is right now being decided because one man in particular wants the slaughter houses so badly for he has been losing...
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    An apology long in coming...

    I want so very much for Obama to set things right for our country and I hold the hope that he will. However, if he accepts Tim Geithner for the poition he wanted him for, Obamas halo is going to start tilting right away. HE MUST NOT let that man get away with what he as done. I strongly feel...
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    I am so proud to be an Amercian!

    I truly believe that Obama deserves a chance to lead this country.He has many challenges with this country needing a lot of help. I think he is sincere in wanting to make some badly needed changes but it will be a uphill battle. We live in the best country in the world and for this to happen...
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    "100 reasons not to vote for McCain"

    Thank you Danielle for making us aware of your concern for our country. I am so glad that you have posted during these pre election days for it shows that the fredom of speech is being used even though there seems to be a very few who think you have no right to say what you have to say. I think...
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    Election Day Finally

    I think I will be looking at paying ever more taxes for wars if McCain is elected for he seems to believe that everything is taken care of as long as there is a war going on. I would also see more corporations/big business getting more tax breaks even though tax breaks for them are already...
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    Obama's Grandma dies

    May she rest in peace after her struggle with cancer. Sad that she was unable to see how this election turns out, but she can be proud of her grandson regardless of who wins.
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    Anyone see McCain on SNL?

    Interesting how different people see things differently...guess that is what makes us special! I thought McCain looked very unncomftorable. I notice that he gets a very pained look on his face when things don't go his way. It was a cute show and SNL certainly has had their ratings increase...
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    What is the financial difference

    Here it appears a person is poor if they qualify for food stamps, and other social programs and they probably either have no job or are making minium wages. I consider, in this area the middle class is making upward of $40,00.00. Money isn't everything but how it is spent makes a world of...
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    Share one thing you ADMIRE about each Pres & VP candidate

    Obama has sincerity and seemingly very good judgement. He also is very good at mainaing an even temperment which is very much needed in the Presidental job. I think he wil give serious consideration to what he plans to do for our country and not put us in positions where other countries hate us...
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    how many of you feel im not right

    I whole heartily believe we have to take care of this planet if we want further generations to enjoy and use it. And you arre so very correct in saying "Truth be told we do not KNOW what happened wayback when, we can only speculate" for even the men who wrote the Bible tells two different...
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    Might start a local Co-Op garden

    Your idea is really you and help others. I used tp raise a real big garden but once the kids were gone I narrowed it down to just tomatos, cucumbers, green peppers and carrots. My son is going to work up an area the horses used to have [don'y need it for horses now] and we are...
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    Announcement this AM

    I think Colin Powell is a wise and respected man who really gave thought to his choice and done what was right regardless of his political choice of being a Republican. I truly admire someone who puts a lot of thought into making choices rather than glue themselves to one party for their...