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  1. 2minis4us

    is this as wrong add I think it is?

    I think it's wrong and I can't stand seeing stupid people abusing animals of any kind
  2. 2minis4us

    To the Divorcees...

    Hi, I just read your newest post. JMO - but if you are still not happy a year later sounds like you never will be in your current situation. I don't think a man like that will change, especially if you don't try counselling... and it seems like he doesn't want to. You and your husband need...
  3. 2minis4us

    AMHA new Halter Stock Horse Division!

    Thanks for the info ! It's about time now a horse can be a horse and not have to look like a greyhound.
  4. 2minis4us

    Anyone allergic to horse hair, shavings, hay, their barn?

    I am allergic to picking up poop !! Sorry about you not feeling good Marty.
  5. 2minis4us

    My ladybugg turned 20 today!

    That is wonderful !!
  6. 2minis4us

    Is it safe to put a very light saddle on a pregnant ponies back?

    I would just let her be. No need to stress or scare her before the baby.
  7. 2minis4us

    Weve been getting a lot of snow lately. So I drew a picture.

    I LOVE your art !! It is so expressive and cute !
  8. 2minis4us

    This is why I'm stuck at the house.

    I feel for you ! I don't know how people can live in weather like that, especially if you live paycheck to paycheck and can't get to work.
  9. 2minis4us

    Found out something really interesting

    That's awesome !!
  10. 2minis4us

    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    Marty - your comment didn't scare me, I had already thought about the fact that he may always want the girls. Thanks Carolyn R ! I have my vet coming out tomorrow to check him over and make sure he is healing ok. It's only been a week.
  11. 2minis4us

    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    I finally called my vet and he said No, that he could not get my mare pregnant. When my colt was gelded my vet showed me what he removed and there was a little sac attached with sperm in it. Marty, I am afraid that what you said might happen ! I want to keep him but with 2 other mares it...
  12. 2minis4us

    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    Thank you everyone for your advice.
  13. 2minis4us

    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    Thanks Mona, that is a concern of mine also. He will stay separated for awhile. I am wondering when they quit being a horny toad LOL
  14. 2minis4us

    The new guys in my life

    They are adorable ! Congrats !!
  15. 2minis4us

    Adding fat/oil to diet

    amysue - how much flax seed do you feed ?
  16. 2minis4us

    Our Newest Mare

    She is beautiful ! I love her head and face. Just curious, what are you feeding her now to help her lose weight ?
  17. 2minis4us

    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    I gelded my colt and was wondering how after are they still wanting to breed. He is 11 months and never bred a mare but right before I had him gelded my mare went into season and was he trying. Nothing happened and they have been separated. My mare is still showing to him 9 days later. Would...
  18. 2minis4us

    JCPenney closing down some stores

    They are not closing a store near me but the store is poorly stocked. Not at all like it used to be. I have shopped there since I was a kid with my mom, the end of an era for me.
  19. 2minis4us

    Overo or tobiano

    Here's what I think .... Belle - Tovero Peaches, Sassy, Lola, Bear - Tobiano, unless they have blue eyes.
  20. 2minis4us

    AMHA look up please

    You're welcome !