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  1. Meavey

    Color confusion!!

    A friend of mine has a smokey (homozygous) silver, that looks just the same.
  2. Meavey

    Miniature Horse dwarfism - Test Now Available!

    I am in The Netherlands and have send in samples of my two, 2yr old colts last week. I want to know before I even start breeding with them, as I feel when a stallion carries it, no one would want a foal from him anyway, so he should be gelded. I agree this test is gonna bring some changes in...
  3. Meavey

    Frame Overo and Splashed Owners Please share your photos :)

    Briar Patch Hopa Ya Dance, silver tovero, (tobiano and LWO+) Her daughter LMS Double Lite my Fire, silver tovero, (tobiano and LWO+, homozygous for silver)
  4. Meavey

    LTD is STILL here !

    That is Briar Patch Hope Ya Dance, my silver tovero mare. ;)
  5. Meavey

    LTD is STILL here !

    Funny to see this, I have Maid's half sister Magic Mans Lovebug 2006 AMHR mare out of Magic Man and Electric Bug She foaled me a gorgeous buckskin colt saturday!
  6. Meavey

    Exciting News at DreamCatcher Farms!!!!!!!!

    I wil send lots of pics when she's here!
  7. Meavey

    Exciting News at DreamCatcher Farms!!!!!!!!

    I am very happy to get her Barb! She will be on my website soon! Watch out for her in the european showring later this year!
  8. Meavey

    Overo Pintos

    Briar Patch Hopa Ya Dance, silver tovero (lwo+ and tobiano) And her daughter LMS Double Lite My Fire, also silver tovero (lwo+ and tobiano)
  9. Meavey

    Another color request

    Do you have pictures of him just born, but dry?
  10. Meavey

    Blood typed, DNA?

    Well Becky for the dutch studbook they do. The stoodbook only accepts foreign horses pedigree if they are DNA tested to make sure the pedigree is correct. And because we don't just use the horse for just AMHA breedings but also to cross with our dutch or european bred mares, we wil need...
  11. Meavey

    Blood typed, DNA?

    Well the sale was cancelled cause there was no way to PQ him... Just thought I would give an update. Luckely my friend stumbled over another nice stallion,(she was looking for a nice frame overo), so he is probably coming to europe now. Thanks for all the thoughts on helping!
  12. Meavey

    Blood typed, DNA?

    Ok thanks for the heads up Mary Lou. My friend is not so good in english, but we will try.
  13. Meavey

    Blood typed, DNA?

    A friend of mine bought an stallion to import him to europe. The seller wanted to make him Parentige Qualified for her, but now it turns out the mother of the stallion is blood typed and that is a different lab? Does anyone know what this means? Is blood typed different with no DNA markers...
  14. Meavey

    Everyone is always asking me.....

    First pic looks grulla, second black(blue)-roan. So I would say grulla-roan. ;)
  15. Meavey

    Colour experts - Mum & foal

    I agree.
  16. Meavey

    Any idea on his color????

    Silver dapple. ;) Or silver black as some call it.
  17. Meavey

    New color test available

    I heard rumors that this lab is not so trustworthy... Money gone and no test results... Anyone already tested there?
  18. Meavey

    Color experts? Is this colt a buckskin? Grulla? Smokey Black?

    He is not grulla and not buckskin. Black or smokey black. Almost all foals are born with fake dorsals they disappear after shedding or clipping.
  19. Meavey

    Lethal White Colt.........NOT

    Indeed LWO doesn't restrict to a breed it can happen in any breed or cross-breed. It is a color pattern not a breed-thing. And BTW Lethal whites mostly have alot of white, hence the name, but they CAN have color too!