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  1. Sunny

    Searching For Judges

    LOL! Good topic! I love a conformationally correct horse, especially one with good legs! I'd answer your ad for sure, Renee!
  2. Sunny

    For all the "old" and former LB Members

    I've been a member since about 1999, as well. Started with minis in 1996 and still involved. One of the many events that still stands out prominently in my mind was the the little mare who became so ill with hyperlipemia (still not sure I can spell it correctly), recovered, had babies, and...
  3. Sunny

    Hi Everyone, been awhile, lots has happened. and going on.

    Hi Theresa. When Robin contacted me about something today, I asked her about you and she directed me to this thread. I'm glad she did. I don't read the Back Porch nearly as often as I used to. Even though we only know each other through the forum, I think of you often and wonder how you are...
  4. Sunny

    Please Pray for Mark Bullington

    Prayers and sincere best wishes to Mark and his family.
  5. Sunny

    My new Gelding

    Congratulations, Deb! I had my eye on him, too, and even looked up on Mapquest to see just how far exactly is Rhode Island from Ohio! At the time I saw him, I didn't have a place to put him so couldn't pursue it. Lucky for you, eh?! LOL He really is stunning, and I wish you all the best...
  6. Sunny

    New mare! :)

    Lucky for you I wasn't there, Linda, or we would have been fighting over this mare! LOL She's gorgeous! Congratulations!
  7. Sunny

    AMHR ~ ASPC Area 2 Column in the Journal

    Congratulations, Janice! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job!
  8. Sunny

    Happy to Introduce Prince

    He sure is a handsome boy! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with him.
  9. Sunny

    Happy to Introduce Prince

    Hello! Here I am! Yes, I am the breeder of Prince. His dam, "Sunny", whose name I borrowed for the Forum, was one of our first two mini mares, and we showed her extensively for a couple of years. She was a wonderful little driving horse, too. Prince's sire was our very first mini, and he...
  10. Sunny


    Wow!!! Congratulations, Rita!!!!!! Rad will certainly be in good company!
  11. Sunny

    Swimming with Dolphins

    Great advice about checking about the care, and safety issues, etc.! Sandy, thanks for posting your photo!! It looks like soooo much fun from everything I've read here and elsewhere. I hope it'll work out for us to go soon.
  12. Sunny

    Yoo hooo, Sunny!!!!

    Not yet, but I'll go look right now. Thanks!!
  13. Sunny

    Sad News

    My sincere sympathy and condolences to Zona and her family.
  14. Sunny

    Swimming with Dolphins

    That's ok, Sandy. Just look after yourself!! I hope it all goes well for you.
  15. Sunny

    Swimming with Dolphins

    Sounds awesome, Sandy! Can you post that photo here?
  16. Sunny

    Swimming with Dolphins

    Thanks for the input, ladies. Discovery Cove is not available on the dates I'm daydreaming about, so I'll either consider the one in the Keys, or just do Seaworld. It's quite likely none of it will happen, but it's fun to dream.
  17. Sunny

    Swimming with Dolphins

    A serious case of cabin fever has got me investigating places in Florida that offer swimming with dolphins. Someone on here a couple of years ago had a super experience with a place there, but I don't remember who or where it was. If any of you can share stories or suggestions of where to go...
  18. Sunny

    It's official! I'm a grandmother! Really! Our baby is here!

    CONGRATULATIONS, Marty and your whole family!!! May God bless Lexi and keep her safe and healthy.
  19. Sunny

    For my horsie friends

    Thanks, Shana! And Merry Christmas!