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  1. Jean A

    What kind of hay do you feed?

    I think I posted my opinion of NC round bales before..most of it is really for cattle, weeds and straw..fine for the cows but not what anyone would prefer for equine of any sort. The older hay suppliers knew what they were doing, but now they are in a rush and don't spray the fields, just roll...
  2. Jean A

    Guide horse

    All it would take is a stranger with a spray can to spook a horse, or a child with a weird toy ..anything that no one thought to test for a sensitivity reaction. I would not want to be at the mercy of a frightened horse of any size. Or the insurance carrier for the person who is listed as the...
  3. Jean A

    Introducing myself from NC

    Waves to Maryann, just over the Rocky Just thinking, might be an idea to go together on some hay. Larger quantity=lower price per bale. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I also drink/ brew huge pots of coffee daily and am happy to share. My 6th granddaughter is due...
  4. Jean A

    Miniature market...i think I am cutting back..

    It's why there are so many new folks. Feed costs has caused a huge influx of minis on the market..some, like mine, never even had vet care or farrier work. Lovely, all of them, just ignored, and not cared for. I wanted to bring them all home (glad I didn't!) Some of these horses were bought for...
  5. Jean A

    Introducing myself from NC

    Hey Julie..greetings from Stanly County! Hot, humid, Stanly County. I am between FInger, Big Lick, and Frog Pond. We are giving our little ones the first real attention and vet care they have ever had..not show quality, but a great way for my granddaughters to learn care, compassion, and the...
  6. Jean A

    round bales

    Beautiful! I love what your husband built..some great thinking happening in LA!! If we had good round bales, it would work..mine will eat off hay nets for weeks, certainly not anxious it will disappear any longer, and not overeating. Out here most horses are an afterthought, cows are the thing...
  7. Jean A

    round bales

    Here in NC, local round bales are cow quality usually..and more likely to have weeds you don't want for horses. Mine were fed on round bales..looked like straw. When we got them we changed their feed, and fretted for months over the foals that were due. All was fine, and milk came in, but they...
  8. Jean A

    Pet ramp for minis?

    If you have access to a used drop floor handicap side entry ramp van..they should work great, for smaller horses lol! Most lower on the ramp side, to lessen the pitch, and the ramps are pretty much non-slip. Lowered floors mean easy on and off with plenty of headroom. The folding ramps can...
  9. Jean A

    New to Minis and this forum

    Hi OTC! One of my sons lives in downtown Charleston..loves it!
  10. Jean A

    Reintroducing stallion, help please

    They are all in the barn together, and whoever is out, has the run of the walk, so they visit plenty. He hangs out around their stalls, and even the foals nose him under the door.. Former owner would have just put him in with 15 mares, and driven back to the house. I can't imagine doing...
  11. Jean A

    Reintroducing stallion, help please

    Several months ago, we brought home our gang from the farm they had been at together. The two bred mares were not bred to the stallion we had brought with them, but they all knew each other. Things were fine, until shortly before the first girl foaled. That was totally expected. We just rotated...
  12. Jean A

    Pine pelleted bedding...pros or cons

    I appear to be allergic to least to shavings, name if it has dust to it. We don't seem to have paper pellets locally. This year, I had a hard time finding straw anywhere. I never had this much trouble with straw..then I noticed that many landscaping firms were using more...
  13. Jean A

    Stall Matts

    We never had any problems with our barn..until the minis. The pawing got on my nerves..and it appeared they were trying to dig their way out to the pasture. It now explains what I was seeing at their former home, lol.. My husband was going out of town, and I had to do something, so I had some...
  14. Jean A

    Various PreFoaling Questions family (all menfolk) got so tired of hearing "what color is Becky's hooha now??" lol Thank goodness for healthy mamas and babies..and for nature knowing better than us all..(most of the time anyway)
  15. Jean A

    Everybody's Barn - A Children's Show

    All five granddaughters will be signed up soon! Number six, Hazel, is on her way, and will join up this summer..great idea, and cute cast!
  16. Jean A

    Contracted tendon and tail issue

    Our Monday morning filly (little 16" pinto) was worrying us. Nothing severe, but had we not known what we have learned recently, we'd have been pretty upset. Her front legs are lax, her backs up on her toes..we're keeping her in the barn area, and in a box stall until she is more sure footed...
  17. Jean A

    Full moon this weekend

    Moon Over Myfilly Will be watching Becky..glad she waited till we got home from the hosp!! I was more than a little worried..
  18. Jean A

    Homemade Fly Spray Recipe?

    To one freshly cleaned stall add: One clean horse One water bucket One feed bucket (preferably sweet feed with molasses) Heat to temperature of a nice Spring or Summer day for one to three hours. You should notice flies almost immediately, more as time passes. (For gnats, I'd suggest...
  19. Jean A


    Our prayers go out for her and her family..I am currently in the neuro ICU with my youngest son, Sam. He has had a follow up surgery to replace a piece of skull removed after an accident in 2006..and has had some bleeding under the implant. Seems there are...