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  1. runamuk


    The one thing they will usually do is move away from the flock, so even in a barn they will try to move away from the other ewes. Mine would get restless, eating almost obsessively or laying down and getting up repeatedly. Some would have a bit of discharge and swelling/softening of the vulva...
  2. runamuk

    WOOHOO..ITs done!

    Shannon I love it and am a wee bit jealous The artist did amazing work...... and you have quite the canvas to work on I have black ink and have been seriously thinking about some COLOR.....finding both a good artist and the money are the two hangups at the moment...... ......good artists...
  3. runamuk

    What do you think...

    Well partly due to your handle the first thing that enters my mind is "clicker training". I have suggested people look for your posts and/or PM you when they have asked clicker training questions.......hope that helps. As an after thought I often remember you have some of Stacy's horses
  4. runamuk

    Dog Question-My JRT is sick!

    Here's hoping the antibiotics get him on the mend quickly. Did they do a skin scraping where the hotspot is? He could have a staph infection, I had a dog do that once. And the hotspot did not look like much. As long as he is drinking he can go quite a while without eating and if he isn't...
  5. runamuk

    Dog Question-My JRT is sick!

    The progression sounds a bit like lyme disease, combine with the hotspot (could be bite site). Good luck hopefully the vet will have some answers. Have you taken his temp?
  6. runamuk

    What a horrible TV show....

    I've seen it, mainly re enactments of attacks and lots of footage of accidents. It is a sick show that simply feeds the BSL and anti pet movement sickening what people consider entertainment......actually I don't much care for most of the shows on SPIKE
  7. runamuk

    Favorite Beatles song?

    My favorite stems from the fact that my son butchered the song so well when he was young........ When he was little he insisted on singing along to "HAM ON THE RUG" It was so funny that I always stop and listen to Band on the run
  8. runamuk

    Could anyone give a retirement home to a Blue Heeler?

    I ran across this group and they have a website where it looks like you can list dogs needing new homes specifically cattle dogs. Might want to check it out
  9. runamuk

    Feral Cat Kittens

    You might wish to contact this group they may be able to help you find a local group to help. They are based in Seattle but they work with groups all over WA and have lots of rescources. Take it slow and they will come around especially...
  10. runamuk

    For anyone who loves their pets of any kind

    I've had a couple go from 1 to 3 my first dog was definately all 3 stages....... Saying goodbye is never as easy as saying hello
  11. runamuk

    i need a new dishwasher

    OH lucky you with one of those environmentally friendly models they use less water, and power or so I am told
  12. runamuk

    I actually eat this stuff!!

    OH YES p-butter on waffles, pancakes, and frenchtoast. Fries actually are tasty dipped in a shake I love cheese and jelly sandwiches and p-butter and sweet onion sandwiches yummmmmm. Now my hubby is gross..................he likes egg salad and tuna mixed together he also puts p-butter...
  13. runamuk

    Gas Mileage

    OMG that is actually my dream car I want it in purple.......but I wanted to wait a couple years for the kinks to get worked out so we bought my kia instead
  14. runamuk

    Gas Mileage

    My friend has a Sorento and she really likes it...... said it gets about 25 mpg on average. We have looked at the Element, they get decent mileage 25-30 but the seats are way uncomfortable, I love the ability to hose out a car but it doesn't have much tow capacity so sort of ruled it out. The...
  15. runamuk

    Gas Mileage

    Well this is the dilemma we have had. My 2004 Kia spectra gets about 30, hubbies 91 geo metro gets near 40.....we have looked at small suv's and minivans and tops they 20-25...well my 88 chevy suburban with TBI gets 18 ....the suburb can tow a house...the small suv or mini van can tow but not...
  16. runamuk

    Puppies playing

  17. runamuk

    Tax time is coming...

    Claiming a horse enterprise is less straightforward. Horse tax shelters were common in the 1980's and then they were stopped by new laws. Make sure your accountant knows their stuff. As for normal deductions for livestock enterprise...feed, vet, housing, fencing, butchering, fuel, marketing...
  18. runamuk

    Good-bye Fish Dude

    Hypothermia euthanasia is one of the easiest ways to go. Even humans suffer very little from this. Fish and reptiles being cold blooded fall into a stupor/hibernation and have no real idea let alone suffering when they are euthanized in this manner. This also is a relatively humane way to go...
  19. runamuk

    SHOCK COLLAR for a MINI????

    very well stated. I completely agree.