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  1. SampleMM

    Barn & Bed Down Photos! Where do your horses live?

    This is my farm. Sample's Majestic Miniatures. We are located in Corry, PA and are just one mile from the NY line. I have way too much grass, lots of different turnouts and pastures.
  2. Eastern Regional Show

    Eastern Regional Show

    Buffy & Hawk shown by Debbie & Danielle
  3. SampleMM

    New mare had a little surprise for us.

    Congratulations!! That text was hilarious!!?
  4. SampleMM

    Mare won't accept foal any ideas please help

    That's awesome! I'm glad everything worked out for you. I had this happen a couple of years ago but I did rebreed the mare and she accepted her second foal just fine.
  5. SampleMM

    2014 Horse of The Year

    Congratulations, John!! That's fantastic news!
  6. SampleMM

    International Buckskin Horse Association

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this info and I will definitely be following suit. This is exciting news!
  7. Buckskins in the Snow

    Buckskins in the Snow

  8. SampleMM

    Comment by 'SampleMM' in media '020.JPG'

  9. SampleMM

    GHF or Goat Hill Farm

    Thank you, Jean and Mona!!
  10. SampleMM

    GHF or Goat Hill Farm

    Does anyone know them or have any information? Please and thank you.
  11. SampleMM

    Foal blanket recommendations

    I like the 'foal-saver' blankets that you can buy through Schneider's I used those for my Quarter and now mini foals. You CANNOT find a better foal blanket!!
  12. SampleMM

    How many use heated water buckets??

    I've used them for at least 15 years and have had no problems at all. I have several types. I have huge heated muck buckets, big horse size heated bucked both in plastic and in rubber, I have the small ones and lastly I have the square one made for pets. I wouldn't be without them.
  13. SampleMM

    Comment by 'SampleMM' in media 'RHA Rangers Absolut'

    That's a gorgeous image of your stallion. <3
  14. SampleMM

    Rainbow Bridge

    So sorry for your loss. ((((cyber hugs)))).
  15. SampleMM

    To blanket or not to blanket?

    I would not blanket. Not only is it a PIA but their natural hair coats are far superior to any blanket that you can buy.
  16. SampleMM

    "Equine Colic Relief"

    Thanks Deb! I'm going to definitely order this.?
  17. SampleMM

    Hello! New to board...

    Hello from Sample's Majestic Miniatures in Corry, PA!
  18. SampleMM

    Doesn't want to eat hay

    Have you had his teeth checked?
  19. SampleMM

    AMHA World Show

    Thank you!!
  20. SampleMM

    AMHA World Show

    Does anyone have the link for the live feed at the World Show?