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  1. LittleRibbie

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Aunties and future moms!!

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I should attempt to explain the meaning of the holiday to all the barn kids. When I finished telling them about The Indians, Plymouth Rock and the big feast. I told them to think about it for the day and in the morning I wanted to know what...
  2. LittleRibbie

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    Do I see blue eyes in the second photo?...she sure is a wee one!!!
  3. LittleRibbie

    Aborted fetus, Huybers Utopia Stable :(

    Oh Im so sorry, This is about the same size as my Holly who aborted 2 years idea why. Diane brought up all good things to think about and although Im a novice, I would have to agree with her. How very sad for you and again Im sorry for your loss.
  4. LittleRibbie

    Stall kept or run-in shelters?

    2 barns both barns (both shed row) but if space allowed I would prefer to only have one big barn. I have feed room and hay in each barn. No actual run ins per se but each stall has individual fans water etc. opens up to a community paddock/pasture and although I do stall separate...
  5. LittleRibbie

    Cleaning stall walls

    Marty, are you for real? honestly ..replace the boards..yeah...i'll get right on it!! LOL uummm...flipping them over..divider walls ..wouldn't work...crappy on both sides. pressure washer would do the trick I'm sure...just have to use less water b/c my mats are all in perfectly straight and...
  6. LittleRibbie

    What is with the snakes this year???

    Scorpions...good lordy..I don't do those. But we have lots of corn snakes or rat snakes...very pretty yellow..i love them and let them live here peacefully along w/the black ones and green garden type snakes. So many golf courses being built around these poor things have no other place to go...
  7. LittleRibbie

    Cleaning stall walls

    My new barn stall walls now are starting to look like crime scene photos right out of CSI. Between the girls that like to lean back right up and smush the poop against the wall, the broken unbilical cord splatter, the rubbing...they are a mess. Stalls are wood....and I've tried all out scrubbing...
  8. LittleRibbie

    Marlanoc Round Four!

    Good lord.....huge belly wide load alert!! You must be exhausted Bree!!
  9. LittleRibbie

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    Ive been away for a bit ( hubby has me working for my keep...drats! ) I love the name!!! And boy what a cutie she is Congratulations!!!From the day they hit the ground they grow so darn fast so.....enjoy, enjoy and enjoy her to bits!!! FYI...putting her in the clothes dryer does not work when...
  10. LittleRibbie


    Thank you...think I will start w/ACV and hope they will drink it
  11. LittleRibbie


    Rain here has been horrible and the dang mosquitos are out in full force. Within minutes of being out on grass horses faces are covered with the little beggers. How long do you wait till you put fly masks on mares w/babies. Im so afraid babies being babies will get hoof caught. Ive tried...
  12. LittleRibbie

    Classic K Miniatures~ ring test results...

    Cassie, just checking to see how Finn is feeling and hoping the oral meds are working. I know you will post when you have time.
  13. LittleRibbie

    Penny's foaling thread.....SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guilty as charged!!! Now lets get back to "foaling".....cause we don't want anyone Foaling off the deep end now do we!!!......I know....I couldn't help my self!!! Its getting to be that slow time of year when every one gets udderly silly!!
  14. LittleRibbie

    Penny's foaling thread.....SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry but... Is there actually a Shallow End???....maybe someone could google it for me b/c I can never seem to find it.
  15. LittleRibbie

    Clipping for a Show

    Cant suggest anything for show clips but others, that do show, will help. I just want to are a very brave lady!! 4 maybe 5 for your second show? good for you!! That's a lot of work and I hope you have friends to help you out. Good luck and have fun.....don't forget the camera and come...
  16. LittleRibbie

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    1st.....your husband did a wonderful job w/the new stall...its looks great!! Perhaps your vet thought you did a good job wrapping feet and didn't want to redo it. But yes, if it were me I would have expected him to look a little more closly too. Sometimes with older vets I find I almost have to...
  17. LittleRibbie

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    Good to hear the vet came out and you now have a solid plan to work with. Can you crush the pill and syringe it mixed w/another horses like yogurt. Oh, don't forget once they are feeling better ...we all love pictures.
  18. LittleRibbie

    Feeding Garlic- what are people's thoughts?

    Tried garlic long ago for flies Cassie..only had 2 horses then and it didn't do anything. I don't know what it can/would do to help little Finns respiratory tract. I think I made a mistake...drats...I did order the human type Hawaiin spirulina and GNC ordered it for me. It was...
  19. LittleRibbie

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    Gosh you poor thing...certainly not how you want to start off "your wonder mini life" Do not think you have "failed already" appears you are doing all you can in keeping him comfortable and you say your vet is arriving. The only thing I would worry about is IF he does get uncomfortable and...
  20. LittleRibbie

    PlayTime Minis - Finished for 2013; See you in 2014

    What a darling little hat on such a cutie!! Everytime I see Sweety she reminds me of Renees little mare...they would make a great team!