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  1. sundancer

    Smartie Pants

    Great idea! The kids will love them!!! So talented Julie
  2. sundancer

    My latest project

    I love the pattern!!! It's a nice combination of colors with the design!!! You have got patience girl!!!! Love seeing your quilts, they are beautiful Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  3. sundancer

    got my mojo back

    It's beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  4. sundancer

    New family member

    What a cutie!!!!
  5. sundancer

    Trying something new (for me)

    The bunny is adorable!! Love it
  6. sundancer

    Gift for my doctor

    That was a wonderful gift for her. It will always remind her of Kentucky and you and your husband! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  7. sundancer

    New to the forum! Sorry in advance for the long post.

    Welcome back!!! Your new edition is very cute!!!! I show N Bar H once in a while, maybe I will see you there!! Enjoy your new mini! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  8. sundancer

    update...and it's not good

    So sorry to hear this. Life sometimes just doesn't seem fair. If you ever need someone to message -even if its just to relieve the stress- please message me. I don't mind at all. Hang in there! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  9. sundancer

    Insta-Hot Bath System

    We have been using the insta hot for several years now. We love it, so do the horses!! They actually enjoy their baths. We don't have any fidgety horses. I have nothing negative to say about the system. I have the whole system. Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  10. sundancer

    Clipping Length

    I use a #10 also going against the grain. I find going against the grain helps fight the "run" marks left if you go with the grain. I have already done head and necks. I am waiting for the weather here in Maine to stay steady 50 or above before I clip the bodies. Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  11. sundancer

    Sadness today for CVF Midnite Belle and Fishers Grey Gabrielle

    So sorry for your loss. Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  12. sundancer

    Favorite Products

    I like Rose Water, Champion Spray, the Country Vet fly sprayers in the stalls. All these products are awesome!!! Julie Flanigan Victory Pass Stable Maine
  13. sundancer

    An Auction Gelding's Tale

    Love the story and the updates!!! Thanks for sharing! He is so adorable and so lucky to have fate send him your way! He has the most beautiful eyes! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  14. sundancer


    Beautiful drawings!! You are so talented!! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  15. sundancer

    New Mini Mom

    Welcome to the forum!!!! You will learn a lot here. Your babies look beautiful! Have fun with them and keep us informed!!! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  16. sundancer

    Moxie the birthday dog

    Happy "Barkday" to Moxie!!! What a cutie! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  17. sundancer

    I can't even begin to title this

    Prayers and hugs to you! I agree with what everyone is saying...get your mammogram and see a counselor !!! Your health is important both physically and mentally. What town did you end up in?? There are mini people everywhere who would love you to visit I am sure!!! I am sure some of us here...
  18. sundancer

    They tried to warn me!

    She is beautiful!! Love your story!! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine
  19. sundancer

    Anyone Gardening Yet?

    I have slowly picking up new seeds. I am so chomping at the bit to get going. Here in Maine we don't get to start til the end of May. BUT I cant wait that long!!! LOL I start mine inside the first of April and work with it til they can go out safely. My Jack Russell, Tucker, loves to garden...
  20. sundancer

    Haystring braiding

    That is a great idea!! So creative and functional! Julie Victory Pass Stable Maine