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    Inexpensive ideas?

    I have a friend looking for inexpensive ideas for a run in shed or small shelter for a miniature horse. I figured you guys could help out the most if you could post pictures and roughly how much it cost for the design that would be great. It is much appreciated
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    Did a little clipping.....

    Wow you have some amazing horses!! I always love seeing them, I have been eyeing up your colt Moose for some time on your sales page Thanks for sharing!
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    Flowery Photo shoot

    Wow stunning!! Gorgeous horse you have
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    Babies, babies everywhere!

    Wow what an amazing bunch of foals!! Very nice thanks for sharing!
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    I went to the....

    Wow Venessa they look amazing!! I'm going to have to go some time this summer!! Great job!
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    From Guelph Ontario to Vancouver BC

    Oh that is way to cool!! Best of luck to him!
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    Happy Birthday SHERYL (Irish Hills Farm)

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    LM Hawks Rare Treasure- :)- white is not always bad

    Congrats he's stunning!! I love the white horses
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    My newest project

    Oh thats amazing!!!
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    Riverdance's Billy the Kid

    WOW hes amazing with or without color
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    2010 Congress

    Congrats every one
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    my new mare arrived! She is prettier than her pictures

    Shes beautiful!! Congrats
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    Photos of our new buckskin Buck Echo/Mickey Mouse grandson

    Congratulations!! I like Echo'N Elegance as well
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    We Had a Filly!!

    Congrats shes beautiful
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    Want to introduce, Need Leeana's help

    Congrats!! Love Taker so I am sure Lil T is just breath taking!! Can't wait to see him.
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    White Tails First Foal Outside

    Looks like a character!!!
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    Little Church Minis has a new horse

    Oh hes going to be an amazing gelding!! Best of luck with your 2009 foals!
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    It was over 60 today and my show yearling filly....

    Very pretty girl!!! And we have mud mud mud as well!! I am in love with your colt Pardon My French, a head hunters dream!
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    Phantom ready for show season,

    Wow he has matured alot and is looking just stunning!!! Can't wait to see what he does this year!