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    2011 34" gelding "Peanut"
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    By the way, yours is yard art and should never be used. It's home made and not at all balanced. Hook it to your riding lawn mower or golf cart lol
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    This is how it's used
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    Team Harness

    Thanks. I loved them but my health just isn't good enough to enjoy anymore. Hopefully you can tell by the pics.the bio parts needed cleaning so kinda hard to see well but lines are brand new biothane, there is bio on saddle and under all the hardware, blinders, etc. Its good heavy nylon too...
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    How far do you drive

    Yes, my favorite color!
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    How far do you drive

    Last year, I started out doing 1 mile and slowly worked up while getting him conditioned. We ended up logging over 250 miles total for the year and were up to 8 to 10 miles a day in about 3 to 4 hour trips. He never even had sweat anywhere but under the saddle pad. You get them in good condition...
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    Team Harness

    I have a nylon and biothane team harness with 13" leather collars and metal hames. Complete with bits and lines. Just hook up and go. Used on a team of 34" minis. Room to go bigger. Located in Odessa Tx $500 plus shipping
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    New minis have hay bellies and poor toplines.

    First thing I did was ask if they could be bred and they assured me that they weren't. They have been on that hay for 2 days and been dewormed and I started them today on 16% protein grain. Thank you for your reply.
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    New minis have hay bellies and poor toplines.

    30 and 32 inches tall
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    My mini has stifled leg, please help

    Exercise will usually correct it. It has on all of mine who have done it.
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    Stallion suckling from mare?

    I've seen a 5 yr old who was never weaned, still nursing when 5 yrs old. I'd say that's his mom and probably sister. He needs gelded asap
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    Share your tail wrapping methods!

    Saw this the other day so thought I'd share, always make sure not to wrap too tight! This is an Arabian Stallions tail after having circulation cut off with tail bag tied too tight!
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    New minis have hay bellies and poor toplines.

    Dewormed with Safeguard and giving #1 coastal hay and have a brown salt mineral block. Whats the best way to get these 9 yr old girls in good condition? They are both trained for driving but I want them looking better before I start driving them. Dentist is scheduled July 14th.
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    Where are you located?? Let's get together for a drive!

    I drive a mini in West Odessa Texas