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  1. Eohippus

    Cable Halters

    Hmm ok. I do think some missed the fact the patent leather or thick nose bands do not flatter his face and I play to my horse over the judges. He does not need his face shortened and I have a custom tack maker so acquiring any style I choose is not an issue. I will call the associations for...
  2. Eohippus

    Cable Halters

    Does it state anywhere that a noseband must be used? I've seen the thin cable nose bands and getting one isn't an issue, but I'm trying to avoid any noseband if possible
  3. Eohippus

    Cable Halters

    This summer I added two new horses to my group; a great mare with extensive driving and showing background and a wonderful stallion with a solid start in driving and a good show history (mainly halter). When showing my geldings, small stallion, and mare in halter I use the arabian style cable...
  4. Eohippus

    the phrase "what a stud"....

    Rae Al believe's that every one: mare, stallion, and gelding is madly in love with him but that he is truly a gift from the gods to all the ladies. He especially likes the full sized mares. When we pass by the arabian farms I don't know if I've ever heard a full size horse call as loud as he...
  5. Eohippus

    Seeking progeny info on stallion

    Looking for information regarding the progeny of the (former) stallion HMS Legacy's Avalon (AMHA and AMHR). I was told he was used as a breeding stallion in California before his owner has an aneurysm and was forced to sell (If you have background information on any of that, it would be nice to...
  6. Eohippus

    Team Circus Cart

    The team circus cart was probably one of the coolest obstacle entries to watch. I loved the 360 degree turn around you're able to get with it!
  7. Eohippus

    AMHA Shows and ribbons

    We had our "biggest littlest horse show" here this past weekend. I've shown in it several times before and never really thought anything of it until a number of spectators asked me about it: why does each judge give out a ribbon? Is that common with all AMHA shows or is it just the one here? I...
  8. Windblown


    Summer 2011 (horrible coat shedding and fading) love his pose and windblown hair
  9. Amateur Stallion Champion

    Amateur Stallion Champion

    Youth and amateur show grand champion stallion!
  10. Grand Champion Mini

    Grand Champion Mini

    First place stallion; grand champion miniature at a local all breed show with a large mini turn out.
  11. Watching


    Most recent (March 2012) picture of my lil' man
  12. New Halter

    New Halter

    Fun rainbow halter for fun shows
  13. Young Stallion

    Young Stallion

  14. Weanling Kinson

    Weanling Kinson

    From July when I first got Kinson
  15. Kinson


    Its technically a "bad" angle for a horse picture, but for some real I love this photo and the way he looks in it
  16. Pumped Up Kicks

    Pumped Up Kicks

    Light up shoes for store, school, and hospital visits! Or really anywhere with a tile floor
  17. Serene


    Blue/Green eye; July 2009
  18. Kinson and his "horse Mom"

    Kinson and his "horse Mom"

    March 2009 with dam, Soats Lil Spun Sand (Photo courtesy of Houcks Miniatures)
  19. Baby Kinson

    Baby Kinson

    March 2009 (Photo courtesy of Houcks Miniatures)
  20. Kinson


    Houcks Grande Kinson, 2009 smokey black stallion