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  1. Barnmother

    Water tanks

    When I ran a boarding stable I know I found a couple of stall that could regularly drown rats, sometimes three in a night. Ick!!! This summer we have had trouble with the stock tank in one pasture drowning squirrels. I always worry that I won't see them and the horses won't drink the water...
  2. Barnmother

    Tires for Ez Entry Cart

    Ladies (and Gentlemen), I have an ez entry cart you know the kind with metal frame and shafts and the red seat with piping around it. I love my ez entry cart for breaking and training, working in the rain. I have even considered sleigh runners for it. I have a problem with tires on the darn...
  3. Barnmother

    Growth Rate of Horse Tail?

    We have always found Cowboy Magic (a slimy, slippery, silicone feeling like product) works wonders to get pixie knots and other tail issues cleaned up. MTG contains sulfur which is why it is good for itchy skin, manes and tails. As to whether it actually stimulates growth I don't know but if...
  4. Barnmother

    Mini horse trailers?

    Show us pictures of the inside of the teeny mini trailer, I just love it!
  5. Barnmother

    Does anyone have photos of body clipped minis? I have a Color dilemma...

    I have a gelding that looks like that and he tested a Smokey Black.
  6. Barnmother


    I am about 196 miles from you! How far are you willing to travel.
  7. Barnmother

    I prefer being home

    We live in a small town on ten acres. I do go to work every day and I love my job and my work family. I do not like it when we have to make necessary trips into the BIG city for some supplies. I much prefer to do my shopping on the internet and wait for UPS to bring it to me. You are right...
  8. Barnmother

    Barnlime vs Stall PDZ

    A long time ago they used lime in a barn where I kept horses, it was in a garbage can in the aisleway. A horse got out and ate some of it and it blistered his mouth terribly. I don't know if there was anything else at play as I was only about 10 years old, but I remember the lime being all...
  9. Barnmother

    SHEDDING!!!!!!!!!! in winter...

    I am telling you girls it is a daylight thing to be sure.
  10. Barnmother

    Western Country Pleasure

    thank you!
  11. Barnmother

    SHEDDING!!!!!!!!!! in winter...

    As of December 21st (the winter solstice) and the shortest day of the year, the days are getting longer, longer day light hours start the first signs of shedding, shedding should get in full force when we get more hours of daylight. By the same token the longer and denser winter hair starts to...
  12. Barnmother

    question about mini chewing wood

    Two of mine have done this recently and it is boredom. I used Iiquid Ivory Soap and "flavored" it with Cayenne Pepper (from the $1 spice aisle) and it has stopped them stone cold from doing it any more.
  13. Barnmother

    Western Country Pleasure

    When did AMHR introduce the Western Country Pleasure division? I think it was within the last 5-6 years and I right?
  14. Barnmother

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    And there are certainly some cold winter nights here in Montana. I haven't decided what I will make yet, but I will be making something!
  15. Barnmother

    Tail care in the winter

    Guard Tex is a great product for putting up tails. Unlike vet wrap it does breath some.
  16. Barnmother


    My grandson, 6 yr old, did both last year. They are allowed to have a "safety adult" with them. I purchased him a little 5 piece suit off for like $40 and a fedora, added a pair of gloves and some cowboy boots and he was in heaven. I let him show color and showmanship 7 & under, he...
  17. Barnmother

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    Chanda, Yes I opened them we have just had a crazy busy weekend. Now I am planning what will do with the quilting supplies. The halter is already hanging in the barn and the Show Sheen products well haven't decided, might try them on the dog the next time she decides to be a poo head, they are...
  18. Barnmother

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    Robin, thank you so much for all the hard work and effort that you put into this project! It has been a lot of fun (as was the card exchange) I will definitely want to do it again next year if you are up to it! Leya did you ever open that envelope?
  19. Barnmother

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    Can you tell me how to post a picture? I click on the picture box and it says enter URL, the picture is on my desktop and it doesn't have a URL. Got it! Thanks Marsha, here are my gifts from my Secret Santa!
  20. Barnmother

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    Chandab I got my secret Santa gift today, thank you very much. I can't figure out how to post a picture. I haven't opened them yet I am going to try and wait, well at least until after dinner!