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  1. Equuisize

    Contest! Share Your Mini Horse Photos!

    This is an older photo from when we used to board the 'kids' out. But a favorite. BabyZee escaped his halter after a bath and squeezed thru the barn door to take on his friend Buddy, that he'd only visited over a fence. Buddy was less than impressed. Baby with his best friend BearBoy, the...
  2. Equuisize

    Barn & Bed Down Photos! Where do your horses live?

    This is our place when we first moved here 11 years ago. Michael had to construct stalls, for all the kids, as it was just a large open cavern. Previous owner built it for a shop where he did lazer cut outs and various other projects. Stalls are all 10x12, tongue and grove divider walls...
  3. Equuisize

    Got another Government AG Survey...Grrrr.

    I just spoke to a nice man in Montana, Tom.  (I'm sure they just have random people around the country for such a purpose.   He just happened to be in Montana. I had tried my best to answer their questions, mailed my form back to get it out of my hair, early January. I kept getting repeat...
  4. Equuisize

    Rest In Peace my Finnley

    Cassie, I haven't been on in ages but I saw that you've lost Finn. I had to pop in and give you my condolences on loosing your little man. Hope Susie is doing well as well as you. Nancy
  5. Equuisize

    Importing Curly Mini

    Maybe you've already checked out breeders with the States but there is Bancroft Miniature Curlies in Washington state, also.
  6. Equuisize

    Anyone allergic to horse hair, shavings, hay, their barn?

    I am also allergic to all things barn related and always have been. My doctor always said, "Why couldn't you have been one of those people who liked to sit and knit rather than be an animal person?" I have asthma, allergies and was born with diminished lung capacity which of course doesn't...
  7. Equuisize

    Do you turn out your Minis on wet/cold days????

    We have quite a bit of 'wet' here in the Pacific NW. Unless it is blowing, as in dangerously windy, they go outdoors each morning. None of our kids like to be wet especially, so when the worst of the squalls go thru they run for cover, under the loafing shed roof and come back out from under...
  8. Equuisize

    Eagles and Mini Foals

    We have had Bald Eagles in the pasture. They are tall, at the head, as my 32 or 33" minis at the shoulder. One grabbed a feral cat and was trying to make it lunch. The mare herd advanced on it and kept it moving down the pasture. It dropped it's meal and flew into the trees. When...
  9. Equuisize

    human babies - not among my favorite things

    I'll be the dissenting voice. I LOVE babies. Anyone's baby or little person. Any baby critter. I can rock a loaf of bread standing in line at the grocery store. I don't mind caring for's just another part of the process of getting to know the baby. I've never quite understood...
  10. Equuisize

    Painful foot/ankle after brace removed from broken leg.

    I know exactly where you are coming from. It hurts like heck. For about 5 years I'd tear the ligaments in alternate ankles. Doctor would wrap me for 6-8 weeks and I used crutches or hopped on one leg (easier than crutches). Doctor said I'd be better off to just have a break than to keep...
  11. Equuisize

    Dog treats????

    Robin, Chevy adores the cookies we buy for the horses. I think he eats more than the horses do....he drools for them. They are called Dobbin's Delight Apple and Oats. We pay $16 for a 20# bag. They are not as hard as the Apple A$$es (guess the editor doesn't like that word but you can get...
  12. Equuisize

    Horse-Related Injuries

    Isn't it funny when you catalog your injuries that have accumulated over the years, people ask you why you still have horses? My 1st injury: about a year into owning horses was a very hungry gelding we bought, kicking me in the thigh. Some 35 years later there is still an indentation in my...
  13. Equuisize

    Barn Cats

    We have a feral mother that just left us her 3rd litter of kittens. Supposedly PAWS is scrounging up some live traps for us to catch her. They will spay the kittens and return them to us for rodent control. The first two littlers we caught all the kittens very young and they were wonderful...
  14. Equuisize

    Dangerous objects found in premium name-brand horse feed

    I quit using Allegra products about 6 or 7 years ago when I found seemingly that their quality control had slipped greatly. I'd used it since it first hit the market and had always been pleased with it. We would open a bag and moth type flying insect-y things would fly out. Called the...
  15. Equuisize

    Barn Tour!

    Looks great and more than that Breaker looks very much at home. Nice job!
  16. Equuisize

    Sticky Eyes

    This may seem very simplistic but it's worked for me and was recommended by my farrier of some 25 years. His parents used this method in their barn of Arabian show horses if someone had a mucky eye. Earl Grey tea bags. Steep the tea, let cool to a comfortable temperature. Place the tea bag...
  17. Equuisize

    Pasture Pro - best SAFE weed killer out there!!!

    Shari, next week we are going to have a 'heat wave' here in the PNW and we'd like to try your recipe. I've used white vinegar for years but never added the Dawn product. We're especially interested in the 'salt' addition to the mixture for areas that need more permanent removal of weeds. Is...
  18. Equuisize

    Hello I am new from Oregon

    Welcome from Washington, the state
  19. Equuisize

    Dog grooming costs?

    Chevy is 122# German Shepherd and goes in about every 8 weeks for a bath and all the goodies. They say he is one of the easiest dogs of all the dogs they do. He climbs in the tub, turns around asked, snivels at the dryer but is a good boy. They don't even kennel him, he gets free roam of...