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  1. Arnie


    Reble's Arnie
  2. Knottymare

    Size of bearings in Jerald Easy Entry Cart

    Thank you both. That is immensly helpful! I'll make the call tomorrow!
  3. Knottymare

    Size of bearings in Jerald Easy Entry Cart

    Oh, ok... well, I'm honestly really clueless about this. Is there anywhere that I can go read up on how you change the bearing size? And how to check the size of the hub? Telling you, clueless~!
  4. Knottymare

    Size of bearings in Jerald Easy Entry Cart

    I'm at work and cannot check; I found some wheels that I would like to purchase but am at work and cannot physically check my cart's bearing size. I have two EE carts, one being a Jerald Runabout. Both have the same size wheels. Does any one know what size bearings the bearings are? The wheels...
  5. Knottymare

    She's gone. RIP sweet girl.

    My deepest condolences. I know how your heart must be brokent.
  6. Knottymare

    My New colt

    I'm late to the conversation but I have to say that he is just ADORABLE! To me, his blaze looks like either a tornado (twister) or a genie coming out of a bottle! Love your names, too...
  7. Knottymare

    Our banner show year

    What a GREAT year! Can't wait to see who you choose to add to your herd!
  8. Knottymare

    My retired brood mare

    My driving horse is a retired broodmare who really hated taking care of babies but she LOVES to get out with the cart. Not a fancy driver but settled, unflappable and LOVES to get out and see her adoring public. We drive in the neighborhood, out on country roads, through fields and seek out all...
  9. Knottymare

    I can't believe they're gone........

    What a horrifying experience. I just cannot imagine what a nightmare this must have been. My sympathy to them all and prayers for peace. I just cannot imagine...
  10. Knottymare

    Elk - for the first time

    Your words and your pictures made me smile
  11. Knottymare

    I Love My Barn

    Barn time for me is magic. I go directly out to the barn after work... pull into the garage and put on my coveralls and out I go. If it's not raining hard, we'll go for a walk or play with toys. Most nights I muck the stalls and just hang out with my kids. I love to just sit there while they...
  12. Knottymare

    Thought I would Update on Our Driving!!!

    You have a TON to be proud of. Just training your own horse to drive is a major accomplishment. And the measure of a good horse isn't always in the show ring. There are a million ways to enjoy your horse. Find the things that they naturally enjoy and excell at and go with it. By the way, I...
  13. Knottymare

    Ideas on using kids play yard parts for stalls please?

    I'd be afraid that the parts would not be sturdy enough. Even though minis are small, they are still strong and will test the fence. Plus you'd have the issue of sealing the cut/exposed ends. Unless Now, in my mind when you say toddler play yard, what are you meaning? We could be thinking about...
  14. Knottymare

    Our First 2013 Foal

    What a total cutie pie - congrats on a safe arrival of a healthy and pretty filly!
  15. Knottymare

    Introducing Sour and Honor!

    I LOVE both of your cuties. Sour is one lucky girl. I am so glad that you saw through her tough gal exterior and are finding her inner talent and beauty. That mini-mule baby could easily be slipped into a box and sent to me. Right away!
  16. Knottymare

    To cute not to share

    Cracked me up!
  17. Knottymare

    My morning adventure/rescue mission

    BLESS YOU! Gosh, when I was a kid, I would have given my right arm to have a horse. Had to wait most of my life to have horses. So many people just take them for granted. Here in WA there are so many horses you can't give them away to people. It's sad and pathetic. You can see in that little...
  18. Knottymare

    CFM's New Addition :)

    Congrats! What a pretty little lady!
  19. Knottymare

    Welcome Home, Winston!

    We are working on that LOL. I am trying to figure out how to convert my two horse tall straight load to a mini hauler. I will be taking these boys to every and any outting I can get them to for socialization. And yes, LAminiatures, Tracy is a sweetheart.
  20. Knottymare

    my new mare freckles

    My jaw is on the ground. She's lovely! What is her breeding? I really like her!