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    Need some AMHR paperwork help please

    I recently sold a coming 3-year-old gelding unregistered but he can be registered. I gave the buyer a signed application and also the signed stallion certificate (I do not own his sire). Is there any other paperwork she will need to send in to get papers on him? What could I be missing here...
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    Took 2 to a nearby fun show today

    Warning - this may end up being a LONG post! I decided somewhat last minute to take a couple of my horses to a local fun show about 45 minutes from home. The weather was forecasted to be great for the weekend so we thought what the heck. I knew I wanted to take my "old" gelding (he's only 12...
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    Please help!!!

    I wasn't sure where the best place would be to post this but I am at my wit's end here! I've been trying since Saturday to get an ad posted on the regular saleboard with NO luck. I've posted ads several times in the past with no issues and I just don't know what the problem could be. Read...
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    This guy is just begging to be shown again!

    Well on Friday my Dad decided to pull "his" gelding out of the pasture and body clip him because he is "his" gelding We showed this guy quite a bit as a yearling and 2 yr. old but has literally been just a pasture muffin since. I'm thinking he looks so darn nice with no conditioning that...
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    My only '08 is here!!!

    This little guy made his debut 11:30 Saturday night, which happens to be my sister's birthday. This is my 4th foal and the first time I've been lucky enough to catch the foaling. Everything went absolutely perfectly - her water broke and he was completely out in under 2 minutes, standing within...
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    Wish me luck!

    This is my 4th year in a row now expecting just one foal and I think the anticipation grows each year! This time around I bred my Mickey Mouse granddaughter to Lucky Hart's Yahoo Eroo Aye, a tiny and beautiful buckskin stud. I would really love a bay or buckskin filly - what do you think my...
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    Pics of the long-haired mini Dachshunds

    My sister's little girl Sophie had her first litter of pups 6 weeks ago already. She had 3 - 2 males and a female. Mom is a silver dapple and dad is a black and tan. She got one black and tan and 2 chocolate dapples out of the deal - all long haired too. Now I have to admit I am not much of a...
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    Do your mares foal consistently at the same # of days?

    I know mares can vary so much but in general do your mares foal right around the same number of days each year - 310? 320? 340? you get the picture. The reason I'm curious is my one mare due to foal this year is due June 8th (330 days). Two years ago when she foaled for me, she foaled at exactly...
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    We need an SOS Heritage Sale update

    I am really curious how the sale went today. How was the turnout? What were the prices like? I remember last year at this time there was a terrible winter storm ripping across SD and MN so this year's sale HAD to have gone better....
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    You may think I'm crazy but...

    We are expecting just one foal this year due the beginning of June. Well, today I finally got around to doing the nail test on her. I do this every year and it has been right for me 2 out of 3 times. Today just as the nail began to move, I got a sharp sort of shock to my elbow - not a little...
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    I am on cloud nine right now!

    I got the cutest letter in the mail today from a family who bought two minis from me last summer. They have a couple big horses but had been wanting ONE mini for a while. They came out to look and could not pick between the two I had for sale, so they took both. They are so happy with them...
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    Heads up MareStarers

    I believe this mare is in early labor. She is so very pretty and is bred to a very nice stud. The baby should be gorgeous! Her owners posted she has loads of white milk tonight and is testing a fast 5.
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    I got high speed!

    After having extremely slow dial-up for years and years now, we finally got high speed and what a HUGE difference!!! It's just awesome! The pictures load so quickly I can hardly believe it, and I can actually watch videos now! I LOVE it and highly recommend it!!!!!!
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    Can I see your true grays please?

    I absolutely love a true gray in miniature. They don't seem to be too terribly common which is probably why I like them so much. When I first started riding when I was 6, one of my horses was a little flea bit Welsh/Arab cross and she was just the funnest little thing ever! My sister's...
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    It's been a tough day

    Today was my first experience with putting a horse down. It wasn't easy and I don't imagine it gets any easier the more times you have to do it. He was 28 and wouldn't have made it through another winter up here. Last winter was hard enough and we nursed him through it the whole way. We owned...
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    Thinking about buying a mini donk

    I have never owned a donkey of any sort but recently I've become interested in them. Next week I'm moving my 5 miniature horses to a new pasture and I've been told there may be coyotes in the area. Would it be helpful to put a donk in with the horses? Several people have told me to get either a...
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    Anyone going to the I-90 Sale in MN?

    I believe it's this Saturday. I always mean to go and then I end up having something else to do. Don't think I'll be making it this year either! Who all is going? Are you buying, selling, both?
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    What are the color variations with dun + silver?

    I'm getting set to send in my filly's registration app and I'm really struggling with what color to put down for her. I realize pics would be of great help but I haven't gotten to those yet. I am positive she is a dun of some sort (appears red dun) and then her lower legs and mane are very...
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    Does anyone own and/or raise French Bulldogs?

    I'd like to get a puppy next year and this is one of the breeds I'm considering. I don't know a single person who owns one and I've only seen a couple at the local pet store. I'd love to know more about them if anyone could help me out! I'm trying to be responsible and doing lots of research...
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    Where can one look up how many horses

    Is there such a place? I know how to look up the placings on Horse Shows Online, but I'd really like to know how many horses were in some of these classes.