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    A little bit worried about Cushings

    Hi all, I'm looking to those with more experience and knowledge than me please. I have a year old Falabella filly, we've had her now a few months. I live in Northern Ireland where the weather is typically a little cooler compared to a lot of places but nothing significant (very little snow...
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    Need advice on taming new minis

    You sound as if you are getting on great! I agree with Taz and Willow Flats on the touch and treat system. The best advice I got was 'be clear with your asks and rewards so they associate to it better'. So, I would touch for a second or two, take my hand away and reward immediately with praise...
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    New owner

    Hi @EmmaRuby, I'm in the UK as well! I used to feed mine pony cubes but as they are quite high in sugar I switched to Baileys Speedibeet (reasonably priced as well) - Product: Fibre: Speedi-Beet . I've found it hard finding a feed that is low in sugar/starch but also offers around 12% protein...
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    @MerMaeve and @Ryan Johnson , thanks! Everyone here has really helped me feel a bit better about my decision. It's been a horrible few months wrestling with it all. The horse trainer from the sanctuary managed to get here on Wednesday, the first time in nearly four weeks since agreeing to. She...
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    Recommendations for Pony Boots

    I also know of someone who gets their boots from Build a Bear, they actually donate them to her as she does charity work with her horses:).
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    Thank you for the supportive response. My two hate men, probably because that's who beat them so understandable. But they are SO flighty all the time and if a man (my partner or father-in-law) come round the corner they nearly have a heart attack. Even after 8 months this has not settled at ALL...
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    Thank you! You've hit the nail on the head. I work with other horses that I have absolutely no issue being around yet I still won't walk too close behind these two, nevermind leaving them unsupervised with my kids. I think that speaks volumes x
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    Abby, thank you so much for such an open and honest reply. I really appreciate it and it's what I needed to hear right now, I know you'll understand having gone through it! I have had so many people laying the guilt trip on me, the 'don't give up on them', 'you're their last hope', 'they'll come...
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    Thanks Taz. The trainer uses gentle horsemanship methods, a lot of trust training type stuff. She specialises in abused horses and trains a lot for sanctuaries and has been very successful. Funny, my kids do stand their ground, if they are on the other side of the fence. I've told them why she...
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    Need advice on taming new minis

    They are gorgeous. Time and patience.... go slow and steady and learn their signals. I've also two adopted minis.
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    My baby mini is running away!

    I agree with Taz. Also try encouraging her and see how close you can get her to come in before she runs off as this may help you figure out what she is trying to tell you. It might also just be a one-off and she was in the mood to stay out?
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    2021 Projects

    These are lovely, did they take you long?
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    Mini-Shetland jealous of my children!

    Hi all, I need some advice please. I adopted two mini-Shetlands about 8 months ago from a sanctuary. I got them primarily for my kids and to potentially train up to be therapy ponies. They are siblings about 12 and 13 years old. I was only ever told that they needed a bit of work being caught...