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  1. mizbeth

    DNA - What could have happened here?

    I am wondering what has happened here. I just received a phone call from a lady I sold a colt to a couple of years ago. She just sent his mane/tail hairs in for DNA. AMHA is saying that his dam has been excluded as his dam, based on their report. I have a call into them now waiting to talk to...
  2. mizbeth

    AMHR Premiums

    Do any of you know whether the premiums for R shows are the same at each show? In other words is the order of classes and days each classes are held - Over, Under, Sex are the same at each show? Does anyone have a premium they can send? [email protected] So help me - I am going to show my...
  3. mizbeth

    Oster Clipper Blades

    Good morning! Where do you buy your Oster blades? Is their another blade that is better? I have not bought blades in years, but it seems now the sharpening does not last so long, so time to buy some new ones. Locally they are 36.00 per set Is this the right place to post this? It is for...
  4. mizbeth

    Edit a Photo

    Can someone help? I would really appreciate it. I have a GIF photo that I would like reduced. For some reason my editing software will not let it upload. It needs to be 50 KB or close to 120 x 120, so I can use it as my avatar. Can you email me and I will send it? Or here it is here...
  5. mizbeth

    FREE - Totally Free

    I am trying to find some free software to make a collage, do any of you know which one to use? I have found a simple one, lets you design a collage but puts a water mark on it. Hard to edit that out, for me anyway. Or animation software? Or some software that is not too expensive that will/can...
  6. mizbeth

    Donkey - Herd mini mares?

    HI all! I do not have a mini donkey although she is the next size up but not the large size. Is it possible that these donkeys will herd miniature horses? I know that when I first turned my mares out in the pasture with her (there first time out there), that she literally led them around the...
  7. mizbeth

    Deworming foals

    I am courious what kind of dewormer you use on your foals, the ages you deworm them and the "exact amount" you use- paste or liquid. I have always wormed the first one/two times with panacur/safeguard and dewormed based on their weight. IE <100, 100lbs, 150lbs, etc and put the wormer in a...
  8. mizbeth

    More 2010

    Gosh, this one would not fit in the previos post. Mimes Masterpiece, he is the spitting image of his sire, marked just like him. He has the lightening bolt too on his neck, but a tad smaller.
  9. mizbeth

    Johnsn Grass - What do you know about it?

    I am curious if any of you have had experience, or knowledge of pastures that have Johnson grass in them. I am referring to grazing horses on it. I understand that it can be toxic at times especially to cattle. Is this the same for horses? Thanks...
  10. mizbeth

    Those little shelters

    I know this has been asked before and a few times, I think. But someone or several folks have made these shelters for their horses. They have used cattle panels (or something similar to them), bent over in an oval shape and covered them with tarps. They look nice and appear effective. Can...
  11. mizbeth

    Clipper blades - when they are sharpened

    I took three blades into a local shop to have sharpened. They did not work when I got them back, well one did for long enough to 1/2 clip horse. The other two not at all and I was not clipping winter hair off either, this filly had been clipped in the late fall so did not have that thick winter...
  12. mizbeth

    Baby Number 2 - a show stopper for sure

    Color galore on this tiny fella! Both sire and dam are loaded with overo genes for generations back, but still his color was a surprise to me. Cannot wait to get him home and see him in person, I sent my girls out this year to be foaled as my work schedule is to intense. Sired by Alamo...
  13. mizbeth

    Snake bite

    When I went to feed tonight I notice swelling on both sides of this fillies jaw. Just above her muzzle, further inspection showed two bite marks on her lower lip/chin and hard swelling there. I have not been able to get my vet to return a call as yet. I have given her 3 CC of dex but sure...
  14. mizbeth

    Our First - April Fools Day Too

    This is our first foal of the year, by Alamo Streakers Mime out of our gorgeous gray mare Sha Sha. He will turn gray like his momma and will be stunning doing it! Huge blue eyes rimmed in black with a very thin upright neck. He is very arab looking and quite the "live wire" - so full of it...
  15. mizbeth

    Pretty Picture

    I captured this photo the other day. I found this filly and her mom in the pasture a week ago. The mare did not look bred at all until a few weeks ago. She measures 33.5 and has produced a Regional Champion Mare under 26, and National Top Ten Mare under 28. The filly is by Alamo Streakers Mime.
  16. mizbeth

    Championship Grand Champion Sr. Stallion 2006

    Son of Alamo Streakers Mime and Little Gems Fancy Surprise. This fella for those of you who have not seen him in person, is simply "breathtaking"! Here are photos Liz took of him at Alliance Miniatures this year. Many many thanks to Lyn Yung who showed him his first two years for his many...
  17. mizbeth

    Young mare - open - question - baggin up?

    I have a young mare, aged three. I noticed a month or so ago when she was "in", she seemed to have a small bag. I checked her and got a "sticky substance" from her. She was with the stallion only a short time the month prior but it was a such a "fight" between them, we pulled her out of his...
  18. mizbeth

    Mazda RX7

    "Mime" son born April 28. He's a doll and going to be a knockout in the show ring! Full brother to Melody, Maggie, Maximillion, Mega Bucks. This is the 5th cross with Mime on this mare and all her babies have been gorgeous. She has had seven foals for us to date without any...
  19. mizbeth

    Oh no! Another clipped one..:)

    Tell me what you think of this mare? I just clipped her the other day, this photo was taken this morning. Then I will tell you who she is :
  20. mizbeth

    Okay color folks! I got one for ya.......

    This is little fella in one month old today. I clipped him this morning........and boy was I surprised! He was bright red when he was born, then turned a buckskin color on his baby hair. He appears to be a bay overo, BUT he has a dorsal stripe, leg barring (nearly 8 to each leg), shoulder...