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  1. Knottymare

    Size of bearings in Jerald Easy Entry Cart

    I'm at work and cannot check; I found some wheels that I would like to purchase but am at work and cannot physically check my cart's bearing size. I have two EE carts, one being a Jerald Runabout. Both have the same size wheels. Does any one know what size bearings the bearings are? The wheels...
  2. Knottymare

    Welcome Home, Winston!

    After getting Teddy from Tracy and Vinson at Flyin G Farms, we couldn't get "little Red" out of our minds. When our daughter told us she was moving home from NYC, I told her about the available horses and told her that I would fulfill my promise to get her a horse when she came home... she chose...
  3. Knottymare

    Royalty in my barn! ;)

    Most of you know, I'm pretty new to minis. Really didn't read up on bloodlines or anything until very recently. Turns out, I have two pretty amazingly bred horses in my corral... and thanks to their breeders, Crabby Chicken Ranch and Flyin' G Farms, they allowed me to take these great horses...
  4. Knottymare

    Teddy learning to stand up handsome

    This is Teddy, aka Flying G Bonsai's Remembrance, learning to stand up pretty, er, handsome Not a great picture... his attention span is short and we'd already tried a few times. My photographer was having a difficult time with my camera in my phone. But the picture cracked me up so I had to...
  5. Knottymare

    Second wreck :(

    Back in the beginning of the month, at the PNW beach drive, my mare had a bucking fit about 45 minutes into our drive, resulting in my cart being flipped. I was able to ground drive her back to the trailer thanks to others who took my cart and dog.. Up till that weekend, she had been safe...
  6. Knottymare

    Cutest girl in the world winner...

    Just wanted to share this picture of my little Rio. I adore her. She's so cute. She was really quite offended that I was putting a common harness on her and not a Tutu and crown!
  7. Knottymare

    I got picked by a colt!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to visit the foals at Flying G Farms today. No, I wasn't really going to get a horse, right? Thank you so much to Tracy and Vince for letting me partner up with this remarkable boy! Well, this little Mr. decided he needed to come live with me... I spent the day with him and cannot wait...
  8. Knottymare

    A Little Horsepower...

    Mimsy just wants to help!!!!
  9. Knottymare

    Holy Horrible Haybellies!

    If you've followed any of my posts, you know I was out of commission for quite a while. My poor horses just got hay and a mineral block... I could not get out to the barn and so their only source of exercise was wandering around their 2 acre mostly drylot. My girls have haybellies!!!!!!!!!!! I...
  10. Knottymare

    Rio is home!

    What a fun day! In addition to picking up CCR My Name Is Rio, I had the chance to meet the other horses of Crabby Chicken Ranch, who were all amazing! Then I got to visit Gallery Originals and see all the wonderful horses there. Wow! I have to say that I was impressed atnot only the beautiful...
  11. Knottymare

    My new mare, CCR My Name Is Rio!!!!

    Just wanted to shout it to the world that Rio will be coming to live with me on Saturday. I have no immediate plans to do anything more than pleasure drive her and make her a beloved member of our family. She'll be joining my adopted rescue mare Dolly and my other cutie mare Sparky aka Mimsy...
  12. Knottymare

    Team driving questions

    I would eventually like to get set up to drive a team. Dolly is doing so well and is so steady that I'd like to get her a buddy that she can drive with. I am new to driving and have tackled the hitching and driving singly - still have much to learn but it's coming along great. I would need to...
  13. Knottymare

    Just cannot contain myself!

    I just had to come here and share how excited I am. First, a little background. I'll try to keep it short... but I know this is ridiculously long... I used to be very involved in horse rescue. In November of 2010, one of the OTTBs that we had in rehab, a horse that I had fallen head over heels...
  14. Knottymare

    Ballpark investment in basic driving training

    I'm still recuperating from knee surgery but I'm itching to get out and play with my horses. I am thinking that I will likely need to send my Dolly out for some basic work since I can no longer jog or trot along behind her. I am selling most of my large horse tack to afford to start my driving...
  15. Knottymare


    So, I'm fairly new to the forum and have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor. I also have a huge LOVE of fun. I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we just posted what we love about minis. It can be show related. It can be brags from a training session. It can be a moment that you just...
  16. Knottymare

    Little step!

    I got a harness when I got Sparky (Thanks! Valerie) - it's really dry but it looks like all the pieces are there and once I get it conditioned, should work well enough for ground driving and other ground work. Anyway... After I got done cleaning stalls and grooming, I decided to see if the...
  17. Knottymare

    Perfect compliment to our Mini Horses

    Seriously cute. Be forewarned, do not click the link if you don't want to die from too much cuteness. PLGs
  18. Knottymare

    First time driving!

    I went to the NWMHC Schooling show last weekend. Posted a bunch of pictures in the miniature horse forum but wanted to drop in here and give a special Thank You to Leia who coached me. What a great time it was. Can't wait to do it again! Ignore the horrible form... please . I wish you could...
  19. Knottymare

    NWMHC Trip report

    I had the GREAT pleasure to attend the North West Miniature Horse Club schooling show this past weekend. I wanted to pop in here and post some pix and thank everyone I met for a wonderful, educational time. The clinics were a lot of fun and the show was a hoot to watch. Highlight for me was...
  20. Knottymare

    MindyLee's Arnie!

    Sorry, at first I confused this horse as Rebel's horse but this is the older gentleman that MindyLee is giving a home to! Congrats. He's darling!