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    Congress questions

    Was wondering if some of those that have been to the Ardmore facility could enlighten us as to what to expect. Such as... What kind of footing in stalls? Dirt, concrete, asphalt? Are stalls wood, metal? How far is the arena from stalls? How far is the RV parking from stalls? Are there...
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    Anybody at Worlds?

    I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I am not there or being able to go to Congress. So if anyone there happens to log on, please let us know how things are going.
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    Tomorrow is my Mom's memorial

    This year has been one of, if not the roughest year I have ever experienced. I not only lost my Dad in March but just 3 months later now have lost my Mother. I thought when Dad died that Mom would blossom a bit and maybe even enjoy life a bit. Dad was very controlling and has been quite ill...
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    Posting my new foals

    I am very proud of my crop this year. They are finally getting to what I was striving for when I completely changed my breeding program 5 years ago and bought babies. It seems like it takes forever for them to grow up and start producing their own offspring. I know some of you posted...
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    Updated my foal page

    I just have been running in circles lately but needed to get some pictures up of this years foals. I am so pleased with all of them. So...without further delay...please take a look at the 08 crop at HHP HHP Foal Page Thanks for looking!
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    Mare with dark brown fluid from teats

    Checked all the mares tonight and groomed them up, checked udders, behinds, etc. Got Betty in and I have not gotten anything out of her bag before today. One teat gave me very dark yellow, ever so slight sticky, clear non opaque fluid. So being the eternal optimist I of course checked the other...
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    Test strips for PH and calcium

    I have never used pool strips or any other kind of test strips. I always just look at what i get out of the mare. It will start clear and runny, get stickier, start to turn yellowish then to the consistency of honey and then right before they foal it will start to turn opaque, a little cloudy...
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    New Equine Pain Killer

    Got this information from a Washington State University newlsetter. WSU is a leading vet school in the NW. Might be something to talk to your vets about. During the past year, a new pain medication for horses called Equioxx® has become available through veterinary prescription. It is a...
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    Remember when we all posted pretty snow pics?

    I know this is normal for some of you. Even though we live in the NW, we usually have quite mild winters, maybe getting 6 inches of snow at any given time that stays on the ground. Not this year, I heard this morning that we have had a total of almost 100 inches fall in our area. Of course it...
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    AMHA registration question

    What will it take to get this horse current? What would a person need from the seller? More than the usual original registration papers and transfer/bill of sale? Also, how much money?
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    Contact info for Jody French?

    Anyone have it?
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    You've got to watch this

    This is just too cool. The relationship between this dog and person is amazing! Made me smile!
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    Feral cat update

    Well, it has been almost a week now with the kittens. They are getting more friendly each day. I now am able to let them out of the cage and they come up when we go out there. They sometimes still cower down when I pick them up but will let me and they are all over me when I open "the can"...
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    Feral Cat Kittens

    I have 3 half grown kittens caught and in a safe set up so I can contain them and socialize them. They have been living in and out of my friends garage and wont come to you but if you catch them they will not attack. They are afraid but not terrified. I have a large wire cage with a dog...
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    Registration pictures

    Anyone have any idea if a rear picture with the tail put up with vet wrap, you know braided and then wrapped up to hock level, will be accepted? I went out and took pictures real quick as I had someone to help me and I did not even think about his tail. The top half is loose just the part...
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    AMHR/ASPC transfer

    I see I am not the only one putting paperwork off. For petes sake, we are procrastinators aren't we? I bought out my partner on a stallion. I have the registration papers signed by them. Do I still need a transfer form signed? It is merely removing the co-owners name from the papers and...
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    Heartbroken friend

    I have a very sick friend. It is killing me that she is sick. Waiting on tests, trying to find answers and meanwhile, each day gets harder and she gets sicker. Most of you dont know me well. I have a very small inner circle, when I choose to let someone in, it is for life and they become...
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    UT infection in dogs

    First off, I will call the vet this morning. I have a 7 month old Schnauzer. I suspect she has a UTI, she has been licking herself a lot lately and this morning I saw a spot of blood where she had been sitting. Other than this she seems fine, playful, eating well, happy, etc. I know the vet...
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    Romantic sleigh ride

    This one has been around for a while but still cracks me up. Romantic Sleigh Ride
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    First snow pictures

    The mares got a little frisky! The two bouncing around are maidens. Notice the old matriarch in the back, I can hear her saying, "silly maidens" Who me! I didnt' do it! Here's looking at you kid.