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  1. mizbeth

    Belly improvement?

    He does look a bit better, keep up the good work, you can cut his feed back a bit too, not quite as much omalene and alfalfa, that should help too. Exercise will surely help...
  2. mizbeth

    How long to see results?

    By looking at his photo I would say he needs more protein, but if you are in fact feeing him Omalene 300 that would not be it. I would suggest you do power pack worming, or worm with Equimax. That will surely help him. The feed he is getting will not produce a pot belly like that, that is...
  3. mizbeth

    Ration balancer to reduce belly?

    I do not think your filly weighs anywhere near 250-300 by looking at the last photo of her. It is okay to use 250 dose of Ivermecton tho., A 300 lb horse is pretty good size mini and yes most likely a 36" one would be 300 lbs.
  4. mizbeth

    Ration balancer to reduce belly?

    I have had many many horses over the past 17-18 years, minis' Mine simply do not have big bellies - I feed a GOOD quality grain, GOOD quality grass hay, GOOD quality alfalfa hay. I keep them wormed. If I have (and have some on occassion) a pot bellied weanling - I up their protein. But the...
  5. mizbeth

    Help me fit my mini! - How's my feed, exercise etc.?

    Hmm not sure 1/4 lb of grain is quite right. That would be somewhere around 4 oz, 1/2 cup? You need to read the directions on the bag of feed, but if you showing your horse he should be fed two times a day at least and 3 times if possible. I too WOULD NEVER FEED free choice alfala, it is too...
  6. mizbeth

    How long to wrap/sweat necks?

    When I am getting ready to show my horses, I use a neck sweat 24/7 - for two months. I also have an exericse regime, and specfic feed I feed them. I also change the way I wrap the necks when I work them. I can tell there necks are sweated after the first workout but want to keep nice like...
  7. mizbeth

    New Colts' Bite are Off...

    Equine Dental Practioner I meant Do not know how to edit my post.
  8. mizbeth

    New Colts' Bite are Off...

    If you are concerned, and in some cases it could be justified - have a qualified equine practioner or dentist look at the colts (s) mouth. It is common for their bites to move back and forth as Jill has mentioned. Good luck.
  9. mizbeth

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    Only fresh clipped grass clippings from what I understand, so when they are dry they wil be fine.
  10. mizbeth

    My new boy!

    Yes, love his movement, you can see the "WINNER" in him! Good luck -
  11. mizbeth

    Show Apparel

    A hat? What classes are you showing in? What kind of a show is it, AMHA - AMHR - Open Show - Pinto Show? Navy blue is a classic color for bays as you do not want to take away from the horse with loud colors - browns/tans/beige are nice too with bay horses. Let us know what classes and type of...
  12. mizbeth

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    Oh gosh - is the injection site swollen? It could be a any number of things at this point, it is good you have called the Vet., lets hope she gets with you soon. Is he trying to roll? Of just not wanting to walk? Poor fella, lots of stress in moving, a new place, new grass, new people etc. I'm...
  13. mizbeth

    New to mini horses, lots of questions!!

    WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MINIATURE HORSES!!!!!! Oh boy!!!!!! If they were mine, I would not leave them on pasture 24/7 but bring them in. YES, they need GOOD quality hay, preferably a grass hay. Feritiflized, weed FREE, and fresh. (right now there is plenty of fresh hay). CORN if for...
  14. mizbeth

    Dying manes and tails, how long before a show?

    The tape will slip too. It is not easy dying their manes and tails, but one thing you can do is color only the top of the mane rather than all of it. The faded part is only on the top anyway and same with the tail. Not sure what color your horse is but the only time I use a dark brown is if I...
  15. mizbeth

    Loss of a young lady.

    Such a tragedy - I am so sorry to hear this! I am sending prayers to her family and friends. My her spirit live on in those that knew her.
  16. mizbeth


    Gosh that makes me sick! If it is the same one I'm thinking of and most likely is, she killed one of mine!!!!!
  17. mizbeth

    Can someone do a look up for me?

    Just a heads up on the stud book. Lots of breeders do not register their foals, but will sell them with applicaiton. So the studbook is only as accurate as the reporting to it - is. Colors of them - another pet peeve of mine, but another story too:)
  18. mizbeth

    Fever after vaccination :(

    Some vacinations should not be given at the same time. I would watch her closely, but also give her LOTS of fluids, this helps bring her temp down. MAKE HER drink as much as possible, force pedialyte or gatorade (gatorade not recommended they say now as it has too much sugar and sugar...
  19. mizbeth

    Clip or shed in Texas?

    It is exceptionally hot in Texas right now. It will get cold again - for days. I would suggest clipping your horses in Texas as they do not fully shed out until about June as a rule and clipping in March as suggested is a good time to do it, later part of March. But for now I would only clip...
  20. mizbeth

    Miniature horse abuser in Florida!

    Yes, I have been following this too. I am so sorry this happened, but others are right. They only have a video of a man walking through the barn, not somone actually committing the alleged crime. Others have said some neigbors recognized another man in the woods, and older man, a black man...