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  1. topnotchminis


    Love !!
  2. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    Thanks everyone! I think we have decided on her registered name Being TNM Lady on the Midnight Train, since her name is Georgia
  3. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    Here are a couple more pictures at one day old
  4. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    Thanks! We love her so much already!
  5. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    Thank you all! If you are friends with me on facebook there is a really cute video of her, I just can't seem to put it on here for some reason.
  6. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    I haven't been on in a while, but wanted to share my filly born this morning. Her sire is Little Kings Bay Ablaze Crimson Sky, and her dam is Balihi Foxy Lady. She measured 19 inches tall this morning. She is a diva already.Please "meet" Georgia! Any registered name ideas are appreciated!
  7. topnotchminis

    Show season is here! (If not just around the corner) Let's see yor show string!

    This is my first year showing Tank in AMHR shows (Erica's Tanquery of WF). I got him late last year so we only attended local shows. Can't wait to get him in the ring! Our first show is a week away. Here he is with Erica in 2010
  8. topnotchminis

    Checking on possible purchasers.

    Google Earth shows our place before horses. It is a picture from 2006 I think.
  9. topnotchminis

    Levi will be a gelding next week :)

    The vet came to our farm and gelded mine for $73 a few weeks ago. My vet is awesome on prices!
  10. topnotchminis

    When do you body clip in the spring

    I will clip mine in mid or late April, except my show gelding. He will be clipped sooner.
  11. topnotchminis

    What mares do you have bred for this year ?

    We just have one due. Balihi Foxy Lady is bred to Little Kings Bay Ablaze Crimson SKy. She is 287 days today, and we are planning on keeping this foal here is a link to Foxy and Sky's pictures
  12. topnotchminis

    AMHR Futurity Nominations

    Is this for 2012 foals?
  13. topnotchminis

    Got A Super Gelding???

    I'm going to try to sign Tank up.....
  14. topnotchminis

    second Absolut foal for us

  15. topnotchminis


  16. topnotchminis

    Thank you Jason and all

  17. topnotchminis

    Proud to announce