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  1. minidreamer

    bell boots for minis

    thank you... I had seen the davis boots and thought that. neoprene look much lighter. Now I have a brand to look for too!
  2. minidreamer

    bell boots for minis

    Can anyone provide information on what commercial bell boots are LEGAL for use in AMHA and AMHR roadster classes? Is there a specific one or just not weighted. The ones made of neoprene look like they would be easy enough to make, but did not know what the legal specifications were? Thanks in...
  3. minidreamer

    Descending Testicles

    Hello very first post Please help! I am considering a yearling stallion 16 mos old. Has vet letter saying both testicles were decended at birth and 3 weeks, but there is no sign of them now. I don't really care except that I would want him gelded and the procedure is much more costly if...