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  1. CritterCountry

    Need Help With Market Research

    Market Research-Questionnaire-Ontario people only I need this to start my own pony business and would really appreciate it if you guys would help me out, thanks Market Research Questionnaire For Tiny Tail Pony Services Please answer n/a if the question does not apply. Will will only have...
  2. CritterCountry

    What the...

    What the hay? Is it me or are these people actually promoting dwarfs? Makes one wonder if they are breeding them on purpose...omg. From the caption on the dwarf pic about 3/4 of the way down the page: "If you are seeking an unusual miniature horse, Janet has a complete selection of dwarf...
  3. CritterCountry

    NEW PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok long story short I am mentoring at a lady's farm this summer to get some foaling experience. I have always only ever had minis and these were QH's and Paints. I told her I had to seriously think of selling Dally as she is now broke for everything but cart, and I think a little kid would get...
  4. CritterCountry

    Dally Pics

    Haven't posted in a while because we were having personal issues and I had Dally up for sale for two months. I didn't get a single inquiry on her (and look how darn cute she is!! ) But I am glad she didn't sell as she is now off the market and is staying here where she belongs. So without...
  5. CritterCountry

    First Pics & Video of Dally Home

    Not very interesting...but I can't take pics right now as my camera doesn't work for photos right now. Her feet need a trim bad and she needs her teeth done. Somewhere along the lines she lost her long beautiful tail, it's pretty short right now and looks like she caught it in something. But...
  6. CritterCountry

    Mare Pregnancy Comparison Page

    My website was lost and I went over to a free server but for those that liked comparing preggy mares, here is the page again, I dug it up and put it on my new server...most people here will recognize some of the contributors;) Again, these are...
  7. CritterCountry

    Ride Fell Through-SHE IS HERE!!!!

    My friend who was supposed to trailer Dally, my first mini mare, back to me, totally screwed me over today and actually picked the mare up to deliver her, and ended up going home to deliver puppies. I took the day off work for this and her boyfriend was home to look after the dogs, so I am...
  8. CritterCountry

    My Very First Mini Is Coming Home!

    After almost two years of no horses, Dally is coming home. Dally was my first mini who had her foal on internet webcam back in 2006. She may possibly be in foal again, to a black and white yearling colt. From what I have researched it is possible for a yearling to impregnate a mare and he was...
  9. CritterCountry

    What color is this filly?

    Went to see my old mare Sable today and her new filly Ginger. Absolutely beautiful filly, but mama was a bit upset at all the hubbub ;) I missed her so much and she was so ticked off (and in heat) that I only got a minute of one on one cuddle time. She looks great and I am happy with her new...
  10. CritterCountry

    Dora (the Explorer)

    Well I am back out of the horsey club again. Dora gave us one heck of an adventure. She had been unsettled since her owner left and staring down the driveway all day, hollering. She was getting more and more upset and she was anxious all that night. She kept me up whinnying every five minutes...
  11. CritterCountry

    I'm Back With News!

    Been gone for a while since I sold Sable when we fell on hard times. But now hubby has a new job and we are able to afford a pony again. So I am free leasing this little gal. Her name is Dora, she is 5 yrs old. She just arrived today so she is out there hollering since she is the only pony...
  12. CritterCountry

    We Have Chihuahua Puppies On The Way! -UPDATED

    My little girl Poochie is due to have her second litter March 31. She is big as a house right now. I love having puppies. The last litter we kept her only daughter. We just love these little dogs and are finding they are NOT anything like the stigmas attached to them. Yappy, biting chihuahuas...
  13. CritterCountry

    Neat..mushroom ponies!

    Came across this site and I can only think that the color they are referring to as 'mushroom' is the silver dapple gene? I just saw the link and thought what in the heck could mushroom ponies be? You can imagine what I was thinking..little...
  14. CritterCountry

    I never thought it would hurt so much

    Sable left on the 17th and I still can't stop thinking of her. I talk with her new owners almost daily and we are making friends fast. I have been invited to come see her and have a BBQ with her new owners in the summer. They absolutely love her and promise never to sell her and if they do it...
  15. CritterCountry

    Pic of Sable in New Home

    Well Sable has been gone over a week now and I still miss her the same. The good thing is she has a wonderful home. I got a pic from her new owner, of Sable in her cozy box stall next to her new crush, Smokey the stallion (Sable is on the right). And I decided I had done pics of everyone...
  16. CritterCountry

    Well she's leaving

    I found a home for Sable. She leaves today at 1pm. I have been pretty red eyed for the last two days. I have never not had a mini in my field since we moved in. It's going to be a hard day
  17. CritterCountry

    Sad Day Here

    Due to finances I have decided to step out of horse ownership for a while. I will really miss my girl. It will be weird not hearing her whinny for me anymore. The pen will be empty and I will be reminded of her every time I look outside. But I have to do what is right. This really sucks
  18. CritterCountry

    My New Stud Arrives next Friday

    Well I started with one girl and now I have two girls. One is the offspring of the first girl. And now that I know how addictive these little ones are we are about to have a third chihuahua. His name was Ben, but is being changed by us to Petrie. He is 4 lbs and is a tri color shorthair...
  19. CritterCountry

    Some People Make Me So Mad!

    Got an email yesterday morning from my neighbour about a puppy on the road. I go out and look at the end of my driveway and there is a 4 week old Shepard mix pup dead in the middle of the road. He was so small, just a little baby. I couldn't leave him there so I carried him to the house and we...
  20. CritterCountry

    Memorial Page

    Been busy the last couple of days making this..I have one for regular horses, but thought why not one for minis specifically? So here you go..for those who have lost their friends..feel free to use this page. I will be adding more and more features as we go along, so any suggestions are...