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  1. Miniature217

    New Baby on the way !

    I have to say ....Happy Dance !!! I am finely going to have a baby ! <3
  2. Miniature217

    I know i was not on ...but

    I know I have not been on here before December I have to get this on my chest , I know I had posted it on FB 2 times , that I lost a baby in December , I am still buliding up my body and getting better every day . That day I thought I was going to die . My skin turn blue and I could not even...
  3. Miniature217

    I'm back,

    I know I had not been on here for a long time and we are moving agin but my mini mare is staying were she is right now . But it has been a long time being on here I miss it a lot . I am glad to be back .
  4. Miniature217

    Shooting in my home town

    OMG! It is my home town and i moved from there 3 years a go.,0,7441501.story Police say a man shot his son and daughter-in-law and then turned the gun on himself. The father and the daughter-in-law are dead, the son is...
  5. Miniature217

    Our Anniversary

    Today on this day it's been 3 years me and James on our Anniversary And it has been tough and at lest we have a roof over our heads. James had took over his uncle's lawn mower biz this year and we still fill apps out for jobs and as soon we get money in we are going to remodle our house and...
  6. Miniature217

    Colt or Filly

    Colt or Filly for the first baby miniature did you get when you started in miniatures. Leslie~
  7. Miniature217

    I am back

    Hi everyone i am back online and still don't have the net and i am at the library and it is one way to get on the net and i see big change to the forum , and i like pretty cool i think. So i can't be on the internet very long they have a time limit at the library. I know i have to work on my...
  8. Miniature217

    No job and moved back

    Hello everyone , I know i have not been on here for half of a year. It has been really hard and I can't find a job and i been looking for one for a year , So and my hubby got fired 4 weeks ago. And we moved to my mom's and dad's ( it's like i did not like to move back in). So we could not...
  9. Miniature217

    Snow Pics Of my mare

    Here is my snow pics of my mare i took. If anyone would like to use the pics are welcome.
  10. Miniature217

    A place in the country

    Howdy, We might get a place in the country, Me and my hubby is stuck at my mom's and dad's house and a guy moved down south and he wants to sell the house cheap and we seen the place and it is awesome . I took some pics of it and i will post them soon. We are going to pay it with a down payment...
  11. Miniature217

    A mini i was going to get

    I was going to get a mini Saturday but we did not get the mini. I talked to the lady that i was going to get him from. She told me on the phone that she is sorry that she could not get him. He was founder so bad that he was not walking straight and falling . The farrier had to keep his feet...
  12. Miniature217

    Head shot i took

    This is a head shot i took of my mare this summer . My best one of her i did so far. Leslie
  13. Miniature217

    My video of my mare

    This is a video i uploaded 2 months ago on youtube of my mini mare. All of the pics are of her this past spring. And with my hubby in it.
  14. Miniature217

    I'm Back

    I know i have been on here for a long time . So i have been busy and a lot of things going on . The kind of things i don't want to talk about So things are trying to get better. My mini mare got sick this year and feeling alot better. And getting a new mini this week end. Taking alot of pics...
  15. Miniature217

    I'm Back

    Hi everyone i know i have been really busy and i have gotten married in may and i lost my job . I have a new farm name(Star Dream Farm) and the one that i had (Promise Land Miniatures) is no more. I had bad things that ended really badly,the people that i was wanted go with the farm with me said...
  16. Miniature217

    My farm name and site

    I was going to change my farm name to Suzy Valley Miniatures from Promise Land Miniature Horse Farm. My new name is not going very well, So i am going to keep Promise Land Miniature Horse Farm and I worked on the site for a long time . I like the farm name that i have now. I can't let Promise...
  17. Miniature217

    Cancer-Stricken Child to Get New Miniature Horse

    I had read an article on this Here is the link Cancer-Stricken Child To Get New Miniature Horse Leslie
  18. Miniature217

    I like to see pretty eye pics

    Here is my favorite pic of my mare's eye i took Leslie
  19. Miniature217

    I am on my own

    I don't know what to think about this .. I only have one miniature and i have my miniature mare at my friends house in the country and i live in town . We both had everything planed out 2 years ago . And now she don't want to do the farm with me and she has one mini and bought 3 more a...
  20. Miniature217

    New Pics Of My Mare

    These are the most favorite pics of my miniature mare. : Pics in the summer this year Pics last week Leslie~