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  1. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our second and final mini horse foal arrived

    Born 5/11, a whole MONTH overdue! Handsome black pinto colt.. Was hoping for a filly as his momma is 18 and this is her last baby, but thrilled with this handsome fella.. Meet LCAs OH One Awesome Legacy aka Legacy
  2. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    We welcomed our first foal of the year

    Gorgeous chestnut pinto.. LCAs OH Im Red Hot N Sassy aka Sassy AMHA/AMHR pending Sire Oak Parks OH Im Awesome Dam Winding Creek Cameo Lady LOVING this little gal! Photos at five days old
  3. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    WeeFoal Results.. Opinions needed.. Pic of mare added, whats your thoughts?

    Ran this test on one of my mares.. At first I thought neg, but now I'm thinking positive.. There is the very dark, definitive line at C, but then a very very almost visible line at T.. (two lines=neg, one line=pos) What would you say? Picture of mare taken today, would be 247 days
  4. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    My 2014 boys

    Dare and Deuce.. Dare is a bay minimal frame overo, sired by my boy Oak Parks OH Im Awesome and out of Erica's Can't Touch This Deauce is a black or brown pinto, sired by Oak Parks OH Im Awesome and out of Shadybrook Wind Dancer
  5. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    We wrapped up our foaling season with three handsome boys

    LCAs Oh Don't You Dare aka Dare Bay frame overo colt LCAs OH Im Awesome Too aka Deuce Black or brown pint colt and lastly LCAs WYLIE Grey Spotted Jack
  6. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our two 2014 colts

    First was LCAs OH Don't You Dare, aka Dare. Bay Frame Colt Sired by Oak Parks OH Im Awesome Out of Erica's Can't Touch This And then LCAs OH I'm Awesome Too aka Deuce Black/Brown Pinto Colt Sired by Oak Parks OH Im Awesome Out of Shadybrook Wind Dancer
  7. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our first foal of 2014

    LCAs OH Don't You Dare aka Dare Bay (frame?) Colt w/blue eye(s) DOB: 5/14/14 Dam: Ericas Can't Touch This Sire: Oak Parks OH Im Awesome Photos at just 11 hours old.. Just quick stall pics, couldn't keep him away from me to get good ones.. Hopefully weather cooperates and he can go out this...
  8. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Gestations for 2014

    I've seen a ton of mares running late this year.. What are your mares' gestations running? Are they bagging up like you would expect but then holding out? Or are they not bagging up like normal, running late and then bagging up?
  9. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our Newest Mare

    Winding Creek Cameo Lady 2006 AMHA/AMHR Palomino Pinto Yes, she's a little on the fat side, so is now on a diet here at my place.. Can't wait to get some of the fat off her and her trimmed back up!
  10. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Who all is expecting foal(s) this year?

    We have two miniature horse foals and two miniature donkeys expected. Both mares are bred to our stallion Oak Parks Oh Im Awesome First is Shadybrook Wind Dancer, solid black A/R mare.. Due in April, pic is from just the other day, poor girl is huge and miserable And second is Erica's Can't...
  11. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Who has used the WeeFoal 38 test?

    And how accurate was it for you?
  12. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our 2013 foals

    LCAs Touch of Elegance Buckskin (frame?) Filly Dam is Ericas Can't Touch This Sire is Olive Branchs Hot Deposit "Chief" (no reg. name yet) Solid bay colt Dam is Quarter Moon Farms BeStillMyHeart Sire is a champagne (can't remember name) Got this little guy when I bought his dam. LCAs...
  13. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our miniature donkey foals

    They are half brother/sister, by the same sire: Windcrest Little Bentley. I'm smitten with them both! They're our first bred/raised miniature donkeys First was Cruise, born 6/14 just after midnight Then little Delilah was born 6/15 just before midnight (they're not quite 24 hours apart!)
  14. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Introducing Cruise!

    Our first miniature donkey that we bred. Born 6/14 just after midnight. I'm in love!! Dam is my spotted jenny Lucy and his sire is a brown spotted jack Windcrest Little Bentley.
  15. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our 2013 Foaling Season

    First arrived was a buckskin filly in March LCAs Touch of Elegance aka Ellie Olive Branch Farms Hot Deposit X Ericas Can't Touch This Then our next didn't arrive until May 23rd. A total surprise as I had another mare that was bagged up and ready, thought I still had a week for this little...
  16. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Our two newest additions

    Introducing: Quarter Moon Farm BeStillMyHeart (AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto mare) and Shadybrook Wind Dancer (AMHA/AMHR Black Mare)
  17. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    LCAs Touch Of Elegance at 2 weeks old

    She's doing fabulous now! A little spitfire Sorry the photos aren't the best, had to take them in the barn as it's still to wet and muddy to get her out And one of Pippa (LCAs OH My Lil Sweet Thing) a yearling Doc (Oak Parks Oh Im Awesome) daughter
  18. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    Introducing our first foal of the season! *UPDATE*

    Meet LCA's Touch Of Elegance aka Ellie DOB: 3/2/13, just after midnight at 328 days Sire: Olive Branchs Hot Deposit Dam: Ericas Can't Touch This
  19. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    For those who like blue eyes, check out my boy's :)

    These have got to be the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a horse, and no the photos were NOT touched/enhanced. His eyes have been this "crazy" striking blue since birth.. Absolutely LOOOOOVE this colt, hoping this year's baby is a repeat, only a filly! LCA's OH Don't Stop Believing aka...
  20. Lucky-C-Acres-Minis

    I'm seriously thinking about doing our Equine Affaire.. However

    WHO do I take!? I can only afford to get one stall (10 X 10 and I can probably split it if I decide to, I do have one of those portable/take apart stalls that we may be able to get to work) but what would you do?   I'm leaning toward taking Doc, our stallion. People would be able to see him in...