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  1. Deb E

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    Marquis showed in her last show. It was our local IMEC club year-end show. Several of us in IMEC had done really well at the Kentucky State Fair a couple weeks before, so I knew we had some good competition for the show. Got shut out in ...the first class....then got a last place...another last...
  2. Deb E

    Show Results

    where can we see the world show results?
  3. Deb E

    Supplies for Makes Cable Show Halters

    Does anyone know where you can buy supplies to make cable show halters?
  4. Deb E

    Looking for Photo of

    Does anyone have a good photo of W&LD Little Sir Echo?
  5. Deb E

    Funny (almost)

    As many of you are experiencing this year, my mare was holding onto her baby, mine always at 326-330. My horses are at my parents, so I had been living with them for three weeks watching. Then my sister comes in with her kids for a week visit, and her daughter and her kids come too. Did I...
  6. Deb E

    AMHR Hoosier Spring Fling, Danville, IN

    Saturday, May 14, 2011 Hendricks County Equine Center Danville, IN For Information:
  7. Deb E

    What Clippers to Buy?

    I have been using Oster A5 and they are not making it for me. I recognize they are just not powerful enough to clip 3-4 horses in a day for a show. What clippers do you use that you really like and where do you get the best buys?
  8. Deb E

    August 15 Edinburgh Indiana Show

    Indiana Miniature Equine Club Show August 15 Edinburgh, Hoosier Horse Park Judge: Amber Montgomery, Alexandria, IN AMHR   Information and Directions: Showbill and Entry Form:      
  9. Deb E

    Save The Date - IMEC Futurity Show - Sept 18

    IMEC Futurity Show September 18, 2010 Hancock County 4-H Grounds Greenfield, IN Judge: Marvin McCabe Show Manager-Steve Doyle 317-791-9027 317-432-1681 Showbill and Directions
  10. Deb E

    Studly Colt

    I have a nine week old colt that has ridden the mares around since he was born. But now he is actually getting into position, hard and pumping away. Unfortunately the mares are way too patient and not disciplining him. He does this all day long. We have only had a couple mini foals but have...
  11. Deb E

    Update on Colt with Heart

    Here is my little boy with the heart marking after I clipped his head. His hair is so long you can't see the heart anymore. I think it will be very delineated though once the weather stays warm enough to body clip him. I have lost two out of four foals and all have been colts, so I am excited...
  12. Deb E

    Pulling Horse Triailer with Truck Camper

    Anyone pull a horse trailer with a truck camper? We have a camper that sits on an extended bed truck. It probably extends 12-20 inches off the back of the truck. Just wondering if it is safe to pull a trailer and if so what kind of extended hitch you use.
  13. Deb E

    New Colt Has Heart

    Introducing Twilight Dreams Moon Beam aka Beamer Here are a couple pics of my new Buckeroo Junior colt. What a surprise when we took his blanket off yesterday.[email protected]/4481665266/[email protected]/4481011827/
  14. Deb E

    IMEC 2009 Futurity

    The Indiana Miniature Equine Club is a non-profit club that will be hosting a futurity show on September 19 at the Hancock County Fairgrounds. In addition to the futurity classes there will be open classes, stallion row and stalls available to promote sale horses. For more information...
  15. Deb E

    Upcoming IMEC Show

    Sunday, August 16 @ 10 a.m. Hoosier Horse Park Edinburgh, IN Contact information, showbill and directions can be found on the Indiana Miniature Equine Club (IMEC) website:
  16. Deb E

    Horse Sold as AMHR/AMHA pending

    I purchased a mini at a sale and the sale book listed it as AMHR and AMHA pending. Now I find that no papers were filed with either and it is not even AMHR eligible. The seller has told me that "pending" doesn't mean that the papers were filed or make any warrants as to eligibility. I was...