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  1. Max's Mom

    Feeding Hay

    I don't know if you are still looking for advice on hay. Just like the big horses, the little ones need to keep their gut moving, especially in the cold weather. Two meals of hay, finished within an hour, is most likely not adequate, even for an overweight horse, and certainly not for an...
  2. Max's Mom

    I've just published a miniature horse themed novel

    Hi! I'm not really new to the forum, but I haven't been active here for a few years. I've owned my mini, Max, for 18 years, and been a "horse person" most of my life. In addition to horses, one of my passions is writing. I recently published a middle grade novel (target age 9-12) that I think...
  3. Max's Mom

    Do you currently own miniature horses?

    I've got one- a 23 year old gelding.
  4. Max's Mom

    Quiessence/Remission question

    My horse was on Quiescence for about a year and a half, but gradually started turning his nose up at it, and finally refused to eat it at all. About 2 months ago I switched to EquiLife's Formula 4 Feet. He gobbles it up and it seems to be working well. The bag is expensive, but since the dose...
  5. Max's Mom

    Vet checkups, are they needed annually?

    Just offering a different opinion here- mainly for anyone reading this thread who does not have a lot of experience with horses and an in depth understanding of horse health care. I absolutely agree that if you have experience and keep informed about new research, you can take care of all the...
  6. Max's Mom

    Slow Feeding Hay Options

    I really like the Nibble Nets. They come in a bunch of different styles and sizes. They are very well made and durable, fairly easy to load, and really reduce hay waste. As a side note, my horse actually prefers eating from them as opposed to just a pile of hay, which you think would be easier...
  7. Max's Mom

    Miracle's starting to get a little porky...

    You've asked about the adequacy of the shelter outside while she's in the barn. In warmer weather, I expect that the horses wouldn't worry much about being outside unless it gets hot and there isn't adequate shade provided by the trees. It sounds like you could bring them in if you had truly...
  8. Max's Mom

    Miracle's starting to get a little porky...

    I'm wondering if you really need to feed her grain at all. If you are concerned that she can't get enough nutrition from hay and grass, you could consider a complete supplement designed for those on grass/hay only diets.
  9. Max's Mom

    Whoa and standing still

    I've had a very similar problem, and will tell you what worked for us. Please note that the problem stemmed from the horse's anxiety and lack of confidence rather than him being sour or stubborn. Luckily, my daughter and I could work together on this, which really helped. First, what didn't...
  10. Max's Mom

    24/7 forage

    I have seen a huge difference feeding this way- constant access with a slow feeder. He eats when he wants to, and seems to spend more time doing other things, knowing that the hay will be there when he wants it.
  11. Max's Mom

    Paradise track for minis

    Sounds great! I had planned to bring my horse and a friend's to my home and do a paddock paradise system in my yard for them. Then plan for keeping them here fell through, so Max is still boarded, but I really do love the concept of the paddock paradise.
  12. Max's Mom

    Post Tying.

    As I read this, my heart goes out to you. You obviously love Toby and want what is best for him. I have very limited experience with handling stallions. I know that quite a few mini people don't geld even their pet minis, and that you mentioned that you would like Toby to be your breeding...
  13. Max's Mom

    Liberty or not

    You could always try the other kind of liberty!
  14. Max's Mom

    Please help/advice Misty may be foundering!!!

    This is a scary situation, but it sounds to me like your horse didn't actually founder- just that she might have foundered if the laminitis hadn't been brought under control. You've caught it early, are dealing with it and keeping her safe. My only reason for saying this is that a horse that has...
  15. Max's Mom

    At the dentist

    Interesting topic! I have never heard of someone not using a speculum. I have a hard time imagining how one could do a thorough job without one. I can see why some people are concerned about sedation. There is always an element of risk (albeit small, I think) of a bad reaction. It might be...
  16. Max's Mom

    Human Exercise Too?

    You could both get a lot of exercise doing jumping courses! Build her up to it, though...
  17. Max's Mom

    Uncatchable mare

    I've tried many things over the years, and I know how frustrating it is to catch horses who don't want to be caught. I have used the "chase them around until they want to be caught" plan, and it is hard work, and almost impossible without a partner if you have even a medium sized turnout area...
  18. Max's Mom

    Keeping minis with full size horse

    As you can already see, there's lots of different opinons on this. Long ago and for a number of years, my mini was kept with biggies and there were never any problems. It never occurred to me to worry about it. But I would never do it now. This can be a challenge because he is boarded, and I...
  19. Max's Mom

    Mini 'rescue'

    If you have time to volunteer or job shadow the vet, I think you will learn a lot, not just about the career aspect but also about what it is like to work with lots of different horse owners. Job shadowing and doing volunteer work in any of the areas you're interested in should prove worthwhile...
  20. Max's Mom

    Hosting Online Miniature Horse Shows

    I like the idea. I don't have a truck or trailer, so getting to shows is a huge undertaking, plus they always seem to be on Sundays, which is especially challenging for me. I hope this works out.