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  1. wild_mini_horses

    WE WON!!!

    Well this weekend was our 4-H horse camp. Then yesterday (Sunday) was our District show. We had Pleasure Driving first. Then Showmanship, next was Hunter/Jumper, and lastly Trail. We got 4 1st places and 4 blue danishes! I am sooo excited for state!
  2. wild_mini_horses


    Hi everyone, I'm going to 4-H horse camp this weekend and need some stall decoration ideas. The theme is Happy Birthday 4-H because its there 100 yr. I have sme little horse lights i was going to drape across! My mini's name is Dynamite and hes a painyt but it doesnt HAVE to have anything about...
  3. wild_mini_horses

    Ky Shows?

    Does anyone know of any Ky shows not AMHA just county shows???Thanks
  4. wild_mini_horses


    Does anybody do 4-H? I do and i love it. I do horse 4-H, Livestock 4-H, and regular 4-H.
  5. wild_mini_horses

    Newbie in Ky

    Hello I am a new member. I am 11 years old. I have 1 mini horse, but i leased a mini horse last year.This year my family bought a mini.He is a gelding.He is a palimino and is about 33".His name is Kc Sunshine Wildcat or Trigger ( barn name).I have many other animals too. I have 4 goats,2...