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  1. topnotchminis

    It's a Filly!

    I haven't been on in a while, but wanted to share my filly born this morning. Her sire is Little Kings Bay Ablaze Crimson Sky, and her dam is Balihi Foxy Lady. She measured 19 inches tall this morning. She is a diva already.Please "meet" Georgia! Any registered name ideas are appreciated!
  2. topnotchminis

    If you all like

    If you all like Jimmy Fallon this is really funny about the Justin Beiber baby scandal
  3. topnotchminis

    Just thought I would share

    Hi Everyone! just thought I would share a few pics of my horse sky that I thought were pretty funny or cute
  4. topnotchminis


    This is Little Kings Bay Ablaze Crimson Sky in pasture condition and unclipped. I just trimmed his bridle path and took a few pics.
  5. topnotchminis

    When do you prefer

    Which month do you prefer for foalings and why? Also please let us know what the weather is like in that month and if there are any procaustion that you take. I thought this would be an interesting topic and very informative. Thanks!
  6. topnotchminis

    I need your help

    Hi Everyone! I need your help. If you are on FB please vote for my essay to win a breeding for my miniature mare. I think I am the only mini essay on there. I would be very grateful if you voted for me. It would be awesome to see a mini in the finals againist the big horses. Here is the link (...
  7. topnotchminis

    What do you all do ......

    Hi everyone with show season coming in the next few months clipping has been on my brain. I can't wait till it warms up. Anyway what do you all do with those hard to clip horses? Any tips or tricks out there? Any training suggestions? Thanks
  8. topnotchminis

    My new boy

    Here is my new boy Little Kings Bay Ablaze Crimson Sky. I just love him! I don't think I have shared any pictures of him yet. He is sporting his winter coat. We took him out in the field and put a few red bows in his mane. He is by Little Kings Bay Ablaze and out of Gold Kings Silver Queen...
  9. topnotchminis

    1st Horse Show

    Here are some pics of our 1st horse show. We had so much fun! Balihi Foxy Lady 6 year old mare In youth halter she got two 2nds one 4th and in color she got three 3rds TNM Valcors Sir Jay Jay a 2 year old gelding He got three 1st Thanks for letting me share!
  10. topnotchminis

    KY Horse Show

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in awhile but I was wondering if anyone was going to the Bluegrass Miniature Classic show in Shelbyville KY? We are going and this is going to be our first show. I am very excited. Any tips on things to bring? Hope to see some of you there.
  11. topnotchminis

    Clipper Blades

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could recommend any sites to send clippper blades to so they be sharpened. You can PM if you would rather do that. Thanks!
  12. topnotchminis

    Let's Play a Game

    Hi everyone! I just got DNA results back on my dog Charlie. Would you guys like to take a Guess on what he is? I will give you a hint he has 6 breeds in his DNA and he is almost 70 pounds. Here are some pics When he was a puppy: Here he is at about 6 months
  13. topnotchminis

    My new Dog

    This is our new dog Charlie. We have had him about 2-3 months, just haven't had time to post. We were fostering him, but decided to keep him. He came to us with a broken leg and a dislocated hip. He is doing great now, and is a great dog. We aren't to sure what he is, but he probably has some...
  14. topnotchminis

    Kentucky Miniature Horse Clubs

    Hi everyone! I am just getting in to showing this year, and I am looking for miniature horse clubs in KY that go to local shows as well as AMHA/AMHR. What clubs are you in? What kind of events do you do? Do you enjoy it? I am trying to find one so that I can learn a little more about showing...
  15. topnotchminis

    Therapy Dogs

    Hi all! I was wondering who here has a therapy dog? I have therapy dog testing with my shar pei on Sat, I am so excited!!!! Any tips? WHat is your favorite thing about therapy dogs, and your best memory? Wish Azure and I luck! Azure 3 year old Chinese Shar Pei
  16. topnotchminis

    Driving Carts

    Hey everyone! I have a question for you. I am having a mare trained to drive this year. What brand or cart do you think would be a good choice that I could work with her in, and show in. What have you had success with? What kind of driving reigns do you like? Any tips would be great thanks!
  17. topnotchminis

    Thinning Manes

    I am trying to get things for the next show season now. All my horses have extremely thick manes. I was looking at the Solo Combs for thinnings manes, but was wondering what do you use, and what have you had the best luck with. Any tips would also be great. Thanks!
  18. topnotchminis

    A few questions.....

    Hi everyone! I have a few questions for those of you who show.Can you give me some tips on how you train your horses to " park out"? I have my first shows comming up this spring, and want to prepare now. Any grooming tips? What classes do you enjoy? Thanks!
  19. topnotchminis

    My Stallion is now a gelding!

    Hi all! Well I had my 2 1/2 year old stallion gelded today. It was the first horse I have had gelded (all my other horses are mares/fillies), and I was so nervous! I am glad it went well, and he is such a trooper. I was so nervous when we arrived, but I am now so happy, and I hope to show him...
  20. topnotchminis

    My new Foster