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  1. Jacki

    AMHR Look-up please!

    Could someone with the stud book look up the progeny of our stallion, I only need the AMHR get. Springer Farms Jackson Thomas # 269134B Thank so much. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
  2. Jacki

    Miniature Horse Fly Mask - foal size

    Hello all, I'm looking for a miniature horse fly mask in foal size, do you know where I can buy one? Thanks. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
  3. Jacki

    AMHR Futurity Judge and Judges Three-Year Rule

    Hello All, Just checked the on-line 2013 AMHR National Show Premium Book and see that the AMHR Futurity Judge is still listed as "TBA". Any word yet, has anyone heard who the judge is? Entries are due in a few days... Also questioning the Three-Year Rule as I see an Amateur/Youth Judge who is...
  4. Jacki

    AMHA Show Stewards - New ?

    Can someone explain the new AMHA Show Stewards rules. What are their responsibilities and duties, is a Show Steward optional or mandatory? When does this rule go into effect? Etc. Thanks. Jacki Loomis
  5. Jacki

    Bluestem Miniature Horse Club Announces 2013 Schedule

    The Bluestem Miniature Horse Club is pleased to announce our 2013 Show Schedule, all shows will be held at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska... June 1-2nd AMHR Double-judged: Cindy Butler, IL & Drew McDannald, MO unlimited classes $45.00 / single class $20.00 July 5-6th AMHR &...
  6. Jacki

    Model (not live, statues) Horse Shows

    I was intrigued to learn that there are shows for Model Horses, the collectible type not the live type. Anyone on here participate in this? Any clubs around who have partnerships with these folks? Would they lend themselves to a partnership of some type. Feel free to email me directly as I'd...
  7. Jacki

    AMHR Draft Classes

    The Bluestem Miniature Horse Club show is working on our class lists for the 2013 show season. Could someone speak to the AMHR Draft classes, The AMHR 2012 Class List does not show any Draft Halter but I know they were offered at Nationals. What classes were offered? How are they split, age...
  8. Jacki

    Could you please do an AMHR Look-up for me, Pretty Please!

    Yes, I really mean pretty please...Could someone look-up in AMHR Loomis' Pretty Please. I'm the breeder but I'm interested in who is the current owner and if she has any offspring. Thanks so much. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
  9. Jacki

    How AMHR Nationals on my Ipad

    I'm new to the IPad, how do I watch the AMHR Nationals on it. I've opened my web browser and accessed the Flanders page at http://www.flandersv...m/streaming.asp. In the space I would expect to see the video I see "JW Player goes here", is this something I have to download? I know it does not...
  10. Jacki

    POA National Congress broadcasting on-line

    The Pony of America Club (POAC) National Congress is currently being broadcast on-line at Just thought you all might enjoy watching these slightly larger "small equine". Jacki Loomis [email protected]
  11. Jacki

    Thank you Bluestem Miniature Horse Club Exhibitors - one more show to go!

    Thanks to all of the exhibitors who have supported the Bluestem MHC shows in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer. Our Area VI National show had some 200 horses & ponies and our new July shows had some 150 AMHRs and around 50 AMHAs. These shows were very successful and will enable our club to present...
  12. Jacki

    Candid photos from the Bluestem MHC show Lincoln, Nebraska

    A photographer attended our Bluestem MHC show this past weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska and captured some candid shots of a variety of exhibitors. See the slideshow at this link: Feel free to share this link with people you know in the photos as I don't have contact information for many of...
  13. Jacki

    AMHA Show This Sunday, Lincoln, Nebraska

    The Bluestem Miniature Horse Club is hosting a Triple Judged AMHR show July 6-7 and an AMHA show July 8th in Lincoln, Nebraska. Over 150 miniatures entered for the AMHR show but we need to boost the AMHA show entries (currently around 50) so are waiving the $25.00 post entry fee for the Sunday...
  14. Jacki

    AMHR Nationals 2012 - Futurity Judge?

    Has the futurity judge for this years AMHR National Futurity been announced yet? Anyone know who it is or when we can expect to hear/see the announcement. Thanks. Jacki Loomis [email protected]
  15. Jacki

    AMHA Look-up please

    I'm trying to help my brother and sister-in law, they purchased a horse from Roy or Gayla Brewer a number of years ago but never received the AMHA registration certificate as promised. Can someone look her up to see if the Brewers ever registered her? Thanks so much for your help!! Jacki...
  16. Jacki

    2012 AMHR National Judges & Proof of showing requirement

    Hello all, Can someone remind me who the 2012 AMHR National Judges are, also what division they are judging. Also heard about the new Proof of Showing Requirement, can someone detail those requirements for me. I heard they are in the Journal but I don't see them and know this group will be...
  17. Jacki

    Entry Reminder - Area VI National Show

    Just wanted to remind everyone that entries for the Area VI National Show are due this week (postmarked), Thursday, May 17th. The show will be at the Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, Nebraska June 1-3. We'll stall in Pavilion # 1 and show in the adjacent Pavilion # 4 (Countryman Arena). Hope to...
  18. Jacki

    Save the date - Area VI National Show

    The Bluestem Miniature Horse Club was pleased to be awarded the bid to host the Area VI National Show, we hope you will save the date and join us in Lincoln, Nebraska! Area VI National Show hosted by the Bluestem Miniature Horse Club (ASPC/AMHR) Lancaster Event Center, Lincoln, Nebraska June...
  19. Jacki

    Congratulations Amateur Champion of Champions

    Thanks to everyone who attended our show at the Lancaster County Super Fair, we had around 125 miniatures and shetlands competing. Special congratulations go out to our Halter Amateur Champion of Champions winners! Chesa Henkel - AMHR under - DEVEN CREEK SOCK IT TO ME DANCING Barbara Davis -...
  20. Jacki

    Congratulations Action Jackson

    Congratulations to the Palas family, their Action Jackson colts had a big weekend! Springer Farms Heart Breaker, Two Year Old Over Gelding was Grand Champion Gelding at the Iowa State Fair and finished his AMHR Hall of Fame! Their Yearling Over Mare Royal Palas Action Annie won two Reserve...