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  1. Irish Hills Farm

    2011 Foal of Irish Hills Farm

    Foaling season has come to an end today here at Irish Hills Farm. I'd like to share my wonderful foal crop with all of you. I have 4 boys and 2 fillies, actually one of the fillies, a Jazz Singer daughter is up in Ohio. Anyway, First one of the year is a bay pinto colt sired by Jazz Singer...
  2. Irish Hills Farm

    2010 Foals Naked!

    Here are 5 out of the 7 foals born here at Irish Hills Farm. They were bathed and clipped over the weekend and pictures taken today. The only one I didn't get to was Lucy, due to the weather. Maybe I can get to her before I leave for Denver later this week. Here is Irish Hills Beyond...
  3. Irish Hills Farm

    My last 2010 foal now 3 1/2 weeks old

    I can't believe Noah is already 3 1/2 weeks old. He truly is neat colt, LOTS of attitude. Last weekend I was at the AMHR Show in Shelbyville, KY and Noah was the hit of the barn with all his bucking, rearing, spinning, running up and down the aisle ways, etc., etc. I decided to show Noah...
  4. Irish Hills Farm

    Homozygous Pinto Question

    I've been thinking about DNA'ing BB to see if she might be homozygous for pinto. I have no reason to suspect this other than both parents are pinto. Anyway, today I rough clipped five out of the seven foals and while I was clipping BB, I noticed this tiny dot. Is this dot indicative of her...
  5. Irish Hills Farm

    Updated pictures of my foals

    First up is Confessor aka Handsome. I kept telling him that he was so pretty and than would correct myself and tell him that he is handsome since he's a boy. Handsome is an equal opportunity nurser. He will nurse off any mare that will let him. Now 3 months old. Next is BB, Jazz Singer's...
  6. Irish Hills Farm

    Last foal of the year as arrived

    My last foal of 2010 has arrived, safe and sound thank God. As many of you know this weekend has been an absolute mess for many people. Overall we didn't sustain to great of damage, thankfully. The blessing of this weekend is a live and healthy foal born this morning sometime around 4. Sire...
  7. Irish Hills Farm

    Blue Eyes Question

    I have a foal who is just over 2 months old and his eyes are still blue. I thought by this age his eyes should have changed or started to change of to brown? The foal in question is Confessor, a buckskin by two buckskin parents. Thoughts?
  8. Irish Hills Farm

    New pictures of my 2010 foals

    I have been taking pictures for registration papers this past week and thought I'd share some of the pictures with you guys. I am really pleased with my foal crop this year and think they are all so neat. Of course the oldest two BB & Confessor are spoiled rotten and I have a hard time getting...
  9. Irish Hills Farm

    Had a TWO-FER last night!

    Last night was very exciting, it was a two-fer night as both Penny & Kara decided to share their foals! Penny went first and had a buckskin colt (what else) sired by Jinx. Easy birth and Penny is a good and protective mom. Even this morning when I was trying to take a couple of pictures to...
  10. Irish Hills Farm

    Kansas ASPC Breeders Need help locating

    I received an email this morning which I will paste below from Mark Horton who is trying to track down a Kansas ASPC breeder. If anyone could please help Mark out, please email him at [email protected] Thank you. Hey Sheryl, Looks like you are having some awesome babies. We have been...
  11. Irish Hills Farm

    Irish Hills Simply Irresistible

    Last night on my mom's birthday Star Ridge Acres IMA Lily Blue Too (BTU & Blue Boy bloodlines) foaled a smokey black pinto filly sired by Little Kings B T Buck Bandito, a BTU son. Lily was a maiden mare and we had a bit of a tight squeeze but everything turned out just fine. Filly was up...
  12. Irish Hills Farm

    3rd Foal for Irish Hills Farm

    My third foal of the year was born last night at approximately 8 p.m. Sire is Erica's Cross Country's Take My Breath Away and the dam is Erica's Memoirs Of A Geisha. This was Memoir's first foal. Things went fairly well, even though it was a tight squeeze coming out. Again I generally use...
  13. Irish Hills Farm

    Pics of Confessor & BB outside

    Today is snow day #11 here, I tell you if it doesn't rain at all this summer I will not complain! I feel so bad for the babies having to go out in the mud but what can one do other than to just deal with what you have. Anyway, here are a few pictures of BB & Confessor out enjoying themselves...
  14. Irish Hills Farm

    Irish Hills The Confessor

    Here are a couple of quick pictures of Confessor. I couldn't spend much time in the barn this morning as school is in! We've had 9 snow days so far this year, been a crazy winter as many of you know. Anyway, once again Confessor is sired by Jinx and out of Glory, and is a double bred...
  15. Irish Hills Farm

    First and second foals of 2010

    The first foal of 2010 for me was born shortly after 12:30 a.m. this morning, an ASPC/AMHR bay pinto filly sired by Wall Street Illusion Jazz Singer and out of Buckeye WCF Classical Imagination. This foal is the first for both Jazz and Jenny. I am absolutely in love with this filly. She is...
  16. Irish Hills Farm

    Web Cam Hosts

    I was wondering who / what companies are out there that you guys use to host your foaling cams?
  17. Irish Hills Farm

    ASPC / AMHR Proposed Rule Changes

    In another thread a couple of people mentioned that "we" need to go look at the proposed rule changes for ASPC / AMHR, which can be found on ASPC / AMHR web site, under events. Convention is just right around the corner folks, if you agree or disagree with the proposed rules changes and cannot...
  18. Irish Hills Farm

    Wall Street Illusions Jazz Singer

    I was wondering what you thought of Jazz Singer's markings. Do you suspect LWO or think it's just splash? He has tons of sabino "markings" if you will. He does carry the Wauk A Way line through his dam but I'm thinking since she is the only Walk A Way horse we may be advoiding the LWO gene...
  19. Irish Hills Farm

    A few pictures of Martin's Sky Captain's Part "E" Girl

    I'm slowly but surely finally getting around to cleaning up yearlings and getting some pictures taken. Here is my ASPC shetland filly, Martin's Sky Captain's Part "E" Girl. She is a triple Rock "E" bred filly who stands a whole 33 3/4" tall as a miniature and 35" tall as a shetland. Party...
  20. Irish Hills Farm

    Paypal ~ New way to charge fees

    Just wanted to give a heads up on Paypal for those with personal accounts. You will be assessed fees if the buyer / sender sends you funds and does NOT click the PERSONAL tab to send the money from. If the buyer / sender does NOT click the PERSONAL tab, the money will be sent from the default...